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Avast has acquired Piriform, the company behind CCleaner

Avast and Piriform are two very well-known names in the PC world and they've both even made a splash in the Android universe (for better or for worse). But now the London-based company behind the beloved CCleaner has been swallowed by Avast in a full acquisition.

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Piriform Just Ruined CCleaner For Android, Added In The Dreaded Task Killer 'Feature'

I'm a big fan of CCleaner for windows. In fact, I use a few Piriform applications (Speccy is the best). Thus, I immediately opted into the company's beta program when it launched CCleaner for Android. It's a simple application, but it's still packing some useful utilities under a name I trust.

Until today, anyway.

As of the most recent update, CCleaner is basically nothing more than a glorified task killer. According to this blog post, Piriform added in "a feature [users] have been asking for most: Process Cleaning." Essentially, this is nothing more than a task killer meant to "free up RAM" – something that is not only pointless on Android, but also harmful in the long run.

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