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[Deal Alert] Pioneer Offers $75 Rebate On Its AVH-4100NEX Android Auto Unit, Which Abt Electronics Is Selling For $518.35

For many of us, the question isn't whether we want Android Auto, it's whether we're willing to spend the money it takes to set things up in the car we already own. Doing so is an investment that can easily cost over a grand, and that's a lot to pay for the luxury of not having to look at your phone to do the same functionality. Fortunately, some prices have been dropping.

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Android Auto (Pioneer 8100NEX) Review: A Worthwhile Convenience If Money Is No Object

It's been a year since Android Auto was announced, and it's only now starting to hit the market. You can buy a handful of cars with support for Auto (with a software update), and more vehicles are on the way. There are also some aftermarket head units that can smarten up your dumb old car. Now that it's finally reaching consumer availability, we can see how Google's car infotainment platform works.

I've had a chance to play with one of Pioneer's NEX Android Auto kits (the AVIC-8100NEX), and have already posted some initial impressions. Now let's dig in and explore this new frontier for Android.

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Pioneer's Android Auto Car Stereo Unit Prices Are Dropping By Hundreds Of Dollars Off Retail, As Low As $554

Is it a "deal alert" if the cheapest option is still way more than most people want to pay? Probably not, but if you're in the market for Pioneer's first car stereo head units equipped with Android Auto, you can save some considerable cash anyway. The new models have been heavily discounted on Amazon almost immediately after being released, often by hundreds of dollars. For example, the top-of-the-line AVIC-8100NEX, with a wallet-pounding suggested retail price of $1400, is going for just $934 on Amazon.

amazon pioneer

Maybe a grand is a little much to pay for functionality that can mostly be replicated with any $200 Bluetooth-equipped stereo and a decent phone dock.

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Pioneer Announces New Head Units With Android Auto Support, Priced At $700 To $1400

p2The ranks of Android Auto in-dash head units continue to grow at CES, but they aren't going to be cheap. While Parrot neglected to mention a price for its , Pioneer is coming right out with it. The new NEX series units will start at $700 with support for Android Auto and CarPlay.AVIC-8100NEX_AndroidAutoHome_highres

fancy new Android deck

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[New App] Pioneer's MIXTRAX Puts A Robot DJ In Your Phone, Automatically Mixes Your Local Music Library

Most of the music services available today have some kind of radio feature, automatically generating playlists based on artists, genres, and other musical variables. But what about those of us who have vast hordes of pirated music from college sensible and legally-obtained MP3 collections? Pioneer is hoping to make an alternative DJ mix from your own local music files with the new MIXTRAX app.

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Say you want a new playlist without having to meticulously add tracks and albums one by one. In MIXTRAX, just select a single song and the app will analyze your collection and generate a playlist of musically similar tracks based on beats per minute and melody.

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