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Keen from Google's Area 120 is yet another AI-powered Pinterest wannabe

If you're looking to get into a hobby or accomplish a goal, you might turn to places like Etsy and Pinterest for some inspiration. Google's experimental Area 120 workshop launched an earnest attempt at becoming such a source mere days ago with Tangi. Now, that team has come together with the company's People and Artificial Intelligence Research group to make something more akin to a Pinterest-Reddit hybrid called Keen.

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Google's Area 120 team has created a Pinterest clone called Tangi (Update: Android app)

Google is a big company with a lot of different projects and groups developing "experimental" products that may never see the light of day. Google's Area 120 division is one such incubator for experimental products, and it has a new thing to show off. It's a Pinterest clone called Tangi because one Pinterest is apparently not enough.

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Pinterest releases new tiny 1MB Lite app for emerging markets

Roadblocks like low broadband and 4G penetration aggravated by entry-level smartphones with limited storage keep many apps from expanding deeper into certain developing nations. A quick workaround to these hurdles is bringing ‘lite’ app versions to these markets, a solution popularized after Facebook Lite was introduced back in 2015. Pinterest soon followed with its own bite-sized app that didn’t survive for a long time. After rebuilding Pinterest Lite from the ground up, the company is now reintroducing it to five countries.

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Instapaper has been acquired by Pinterest

On the surface, there aren't lots of common points between Instapaper and Pinterest. One is focused on making web pages easier to read by getting rid of all superfluous content, the other is an online scrapbook of beautiful images. But there's more to each service, and once you consider them both as ways to save and organize interesting things you find online, the similarities become more apparent and this news makes more sense.

Pinterest is acquiring the Instapaper team from betaworks, the company that bought it from its original developer Marco Arment about three years ago. The financial details of the deal haven't been disclosed yet, but the Instapaper team has announced it on its official blog.

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Fleksy has been acquired by Pinterest

Fans of the Fleksy keyboard started to reach out recently to see if we knew why the company had seemingly gone quiet. Support emails were going unanswered, the website was down, and the Twitter account had no updates. All very suspicious, but the most we could get out of the company's PR was that more information would be available later. Well, it's later, and the information is that Fleksy has been acquired... by Pinterest, for some reason.

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Buyable Pins On Pinterest Coming To Android Starting Today

Pinterest, the social media platform of choice for aichmophiliacs, is a great place to look at ideas for home decorating, fashion, crafts, and a thousand other things. I'm not much pinterested in the site, but my wife sure loves it. Some days she spends hours poring over the app, searching for inspiration for her latest project.

Now, with the introduction of buyable pins, she, and all other Android users, can buy many of the products they see with just a couple of clicks. Great... I'm so excited this is a thing now. Artem, I'm going to need a raise.

Let me step back a minute and explain what a buyable pin is.

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Pinterest Adds Messaging To Its Mobile App, Also Lets Friends Communicate In Groups

Pinterest is all about sharing photos of things you like and browsing the great many items that other users have pinned. For such an inherently social experience, it's relatively solitary, despite people having the ability to comment on one another's pins. Users can recommend something for their friend to pin instead, but that's the social equivalent of handing someone a magazine clipping and walking away. Well, now Pinterest is reaching out to grab your shoulder so that your friend can have time to respond. Or, to drop the metaphor, the company has added messaging to both its Android and iOS apps.


Now when someone receives a pin, they're able to reply with a message or reciprocate with a another pin without leaving the app.

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[Hands-On] Blast Multiple Social Networks At Once With Everypost, Assuming It Will Let You Sign In

If you need to mass spam - I mean, notify - a bunch of people at once, Everypost might be the app you need. With Everypost, users can upload photos, videos, or text and blast it out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and other networks, including the anti-social Dropbox. As social networking continues to grow in importance, tools like this are real time-savers. But here's the thing, there are plenty of options out there, so is Everypost worth your time? That depends on if you can get it working.

Everypost2 Everypost3 Everypost4

For a quick introduction, view the trailer. Just ignore the fact that the overly-happy users have iPhones in their hands, as the core experience is essentially the same.

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Springpad Reaches v4.0, Brings A New Look, Enhanced Functionality, And Better Sharing

If you were to throw Evernote and Pinterest in a room together and give them enough time to breed, the end result would be Springpad 4.0. That's not to say anything bad about the new Springpad update, of course – both Evernote and Pinterest are fantastic apps. And their little bundle of joy got its father's usefulness (Evernote) and its mother's good looks (Pinterest). It's a win all around.

Existing users of Springpad should still feel right at home in the app, but will notice a more streamlined approach to accessing their "Springs," which also includes Springs from followed users as well.

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[Review] Pinterest For Android: A Perfectly Designed Android App (That's Not Just For Women)

I have some news for you, guys: Pinterest isn't just for women. Contrary to what some people may believe, it's actually a service for, well, everyone. In fact, I've been using it to research desk and home office ideas for the last few weeks, and it has been a fantastic aid in my quest to find the perfect setup.

Here's how it all started: I routinely check some of my favorite office design sites - like Minimal Desks and Simple Desks (the latter of which isn't updated as often) - for new ideas on how to rearrange my home office in a more simplistic and minimal, yet practical way.

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