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Google Duo v41 prepares contact pinning and calling Home devices linked to your account [APK Teardown]

The latest version of Google Duo has landed, but like so many other updates, it doesn't appear to change anything immediately upon installation. However, as tradition dictates, there are a couple of interesting things to see from a teardown. It looks like Duo will be adding support for pinning contacts to the top of your list for convenient access. You should also be able to begin making calls to smart displays linked to your account for an easy way to call home.

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Latest Telegram update brings IFTTT, conversation pinning, updated photo editor, and more

Users of Telegram, there's a great update to the app available. This new version brings a few big changes, including some Android-specific ones. The most notable ones for the messaging service as a whole are IFTTT integration and conversation pinning. Sounds cool, right?

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Google Keep v3.3.243 puts a pin in note pinning [APK Teardown]

Last week brought a rush of new app updates from both the Play Store and the Android N developer preview. There were surprisingly few new features to discuss, and not much for teardowns; but the Google Keep app does have at least one notable addition in store for us. It looks like Keep is going to give users the ability to pin important notes so they remain readily available and won't get lost as new items are added.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based on evidence found inside of apks (Android's application package) and are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete information.
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Android N Feature Spotlight: Apps In The Share Menu Can Be Pinned To The Top Of The List

Sharing works pretty well in Android - the standard "share" command and its collection of APIs allows for easily getting content from one app to another. But if you're anything like most Android users, you have dozens of apps installed that include Share functions, and you're only used to actually using Share in a few of them. Android N has a little feature that makes that interaction much more user-friendly: Share apps can now be pinned to the top of the cross-app menu.

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Google+ v7.4 Brings Back Pinning For Regular Profile Posts And Makes Circles Streams A Little Easier To Use [APK Download]

We're deep in the woods with Android N news, but that doesn't mean everything else has stopped. This is still Update Wednesday and there are apks to be investigated. Earlier this morning a new version of Google+ turned up and it has at least a couple of changes worth looking at. The post pinning feature is back after a long hiatus, and the Circle Streams feature might be getting a few improvements of its own. If you're just looking for the update, a link is at the bottom of the post.

What's New

Pin to profile returns

2016-03-09 23.25.51

The one definite feature of this release is the return of 'Pin to profile' for non-collection, non-community posts.

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PSA: Google+ Community Moderators Can Now Pin Posts Via The Site And The Latest Version Of The Android App

The Google+ Android app jumped to a new version last week, and shortly after, its Play Store page updated with a change log topped by one problematic item:


Here's the thing, moderators couldn't yet. We hit up the app, searched the site, and even asked around. The feature simply wasn't live. Now it is. Moderators can pin posts to the top of a community stream regardless of if they're using the app or the website.

You can see the feature used within the app below.

Google 1 Google 2 Google 3

Note the green thumbtack icon.

Here's how a pinned post looks on the website.

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