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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of September 2015

September was a huge month for Android games, with big titles from both well-known developers and indies alike receiving Android Police coverage. Everything from high-end first-person shooters to minimalistic puzzle games are represented below in our monthly picks and honorable mentions. You might have a bit of a wait before your shiny new Nexus phone arrives, but when it does, you'll have no shortage of new games to play on it.

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Table Tennis Touch Serves Up Fast-Paced Ping Pong Fun In The Play Store

Are you ready to enter the unforgiving world of table tennis? If not, there's a helpful robot in Table Tennis Touch that can help you get up to speed. This game was an editor's choice on iOS when it came out last year, and now it's on Android. If that doesn't entice, you how about this? Table Tennis Touch costs $4 to buy and has zero in-app purchases. What a novel idea.

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