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Google Maps v9.60 brings usable Picture-in-Picture mode, prepares for adding personal notes to locations, food reviews, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

Friday saw the launch of video submissions by Local Guides, some of which are already popping up. But that wasn't the only thing to come with the v9.60 update, the Picture-in-Picture mode added in the last update has been fixed and now offers a useful window into your trip while you're using other apps. There are also several new topics for a teardown, including personal notes for locations, food reviews with photo submissions, and much more.

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Google Maps v9.59 beta adds Q&A section, Picture-in-Picture support, monthly driving stats, and more notification channels [APK Download]

A new update to Google Maps is rolling out to the beta channel members right now, and like so many previous releases, there are a few new features to check out. First, the Q&A feature from the last teardown of Maps is live. Drivers will soon be able to see a monthly report of their behavior right inside the app. If you're running an Android O developer preview, the first thing you can look forward to is the addition of Picture-in-Picture support. Also for Android O are a pair of new notification channels to get better control over navigation-specific information.

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YouTube Gaming 1.3 Adds Homepage UI Tweaks, Dedicated Live Tab, Quality Upgrades, And A Pop-Out Video Player

YouTube Gaming is one of the younger entries in the company's ever-expanding stable of apps, but its development team isn't wasting any time implementing new features. The latest update to YouTube Gaming is positively packed with new stuff, none of which is more dramatic than a pop-out video player which can be viewed while using any other app. To try it, press the menu button overlaid on any video, then tap "popout player" (If you're not seeing the option, try force-closing the app and restarting it).

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