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Jenny McCarthy doesn't know what her Google Home sounds like, assumes it's a ghost

Actress Jenny McCarthy had a bit of a supernatural encounter this week, sort of. After checking herself out in the mirror in a room she believed to be otherwise unoccupied, she heard a little ditty play. Noting there was nobody sitting at the nearby piano, the renowned science skeptic proceeded to freak out, calling for her husband to let him know what was going on. Thankfully, she had a Nest Cam set up in the room, from which she promptly pulled the footage to post online as proof that her house is "HAUNTED!"

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ZTE Announces The Axon 7's BMW Design And Endorsement From Pianist, Oh And Also A Phone

Is a key point of consideration for your next smartphone whether or not it has been endorsed by a world-renowned pianist? Great! The all-new ZTE Axon 7 is, in fact, endorsed by world-renowned pianist Lang Lang. This apparently has some sort of value. The Axon 7 also received design input from BMW's Designworks (yes, that BMW, the one that makes cars), audio consulting from a team of music conservatory professors (I am not making this up), and Dolby's Atmos surround sound. This phone is a veritable partnership tour de farce.

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IK Multimedia's Pricey iGrand Piano And iLectric Piano Apps Simulate Some Of The World's Best-Known Instruments

Music creation on Android has been given a major boost as of Lollipop 5.0 thanks to latency reduction, and IK Multimedia (best known as the manufacturer of the popular iRig series of professional musical adapters for phones and tablets) has decided to take advantage of it. The company has released two new Android apps, iGrand Piano and iLectric Piano, meant to give players a portable and highly technical way to create the sound of famous brand-name pianos.

That experience won't come cheap: each app is a whopping $20, and they don't even include the full range of simulated pianos and keyboards (20 are included with each app, and you'll have to use in-app purchases to buy the rest).

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