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Mediocre's Latest Game, DIRAC, Is A Scientific Take On Connect The Dots

Developer Mediocre knows that science makes for great gameplay. The small team has already produced popular titles such as Sprinkle and Smash Hit that utilize physics in ways to give each title its own unique and compelling experience.

DIRAC, Mediocre's latest release, is straightforward about its inspiration. The game's name comes from Paul Dirac, a prominent theoretic physicist who died in 1984, having long before shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with Erwin Schrödinger in 1933.

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Abstract Arcade/Adventure Game David. Comes To Android, Brings Evil Physics-Beasts Along For The Ride

What are you to do in a world overrun by evil physics-beasts? Take the fight to them with your "slingshot-esque gift" of course. The odds are not in your favor, but you are David., the chosen polygon with the rainbow slingshot thing. At least it'll be a good fight.

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Earn To Die 2 Speeds Through Several Dozen Zombies And Crashes Into The Play Store

Earn to Die 2 is a game where you drive your car through hordes of undead. I don't need to tell you why that is fun. The first one saw over 5 million installs, so many of you already know what this is about.

The sequel still tasks you with driving your way out of a zombie apocalypse. You will speed through brain-eaters in sports cars and mow them down in trucks. It plays like a physics racers, only your job is to hit things. Things that want to eat you.

There are ten vehicles altogether, which you can upgrade and customize as before.

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SimplePlanes Flies In From The Maker Of SimpleRockets And SimplePhysics

Developer Jundroo, LLC builds games that, in turn, let players build other things. While we haven't yet reached buildception (the point where those virtual things go on to build more things of their own), the number of things we're able to build continues to grow.

SimplePhysics let players create structures, just like BridgeBasher before it. SimpleRockets followed with the ability to send custom spaceships to fictional versions of our solar system's planets. Now SimplePlanes is here to let us see which of us has what it takes to create something that get off the ground while staying within our atmosphere.



SimplePlanes looks like a crossover between Microsoft Flight simulator and Lego, with planes built of brightly colored blocks and environment textures looking decidedly plain.

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Turbo Dismount Revs Its Engine And Crashes Directly Into The Play Store

You might have heard of Stair Dismount, the oddly addictive game of throwing a dummy off very tall objects. It's ridiculously popular, and now the developer has released a new take on this sort of gameplay called Turbo Dismount. Instead of just nudging the dummy off something tall, you sit it in a vehicle and hit the gas.

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[New Game] Dragon Finga Is A 2D Brawler That Might As Well Be Called 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Rag Doll'

Have you ever seen marionette puppets feign a martial arts battle? They look a lot like the fighters in Dragon Finga, a 2D brawler that lets the player control multiple points of articulation at once to take on enemies. Usually rag doll physics in 2D games look a little janky (see Flop Fu for a good example), but Dragon Finga's tongue-in-cheek take on classic Hong Kong fighting cinema is a surprisingly effective game in its own right.

Frantic taps and swipes move your fighter across small 2D stages, striking opponents (many of which are pots) as limbs flail like a hinged paper doll.

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Kiwanuka Is A Beautiful Low-Poly Physics Puzzler Inspired By Lemmings

Kiwanuka is a Lemmings-inspired physics puzzler that we've been looking out for on Android since we heard about it on iOS. Thanks to a partnership between original devs CMA MegaCorp and the developers at Jakyl, the game has finally made its way to our favorite platform, and it's awesome.

Basically, you play the guy or gal in charge of saving a crowd of Kiwanuka, using a magical staff that whips the humanoid critters into shape, arranging them in tall, swaying towers you can use to climb through low-poly geometric terrain. When you reach the goal in each level, you'll free another Kiwanuka.

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[GDC 2014] Google Releases Version 1.0 Of Cross-Platform 'LiquidFun' Physics Engine

Last December, Google announced LiquidFun, a cross-platform physics engine developers could use to create realistic gaming experiences. Now, as a part of Google Developer Day at this year's Game Developers Conference, the company has released version 1.0 out into the wild. It's also provided no shortage of videos demoing what the project is capable of.

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[New Game] Mediocre's Smash Hit Arrives In Google Play, Frees Your Inner Vandal

The folks at game developer Mediocre have given us such classics as Sprinkle and Granny Smith, but now it's time to break some stuff. Smash Hit has come to Android with neat physics and compelling gameplay. It's a good opportunity to get some of that aggression out too.

Smash Hit is equal parts on-rails shooter and physics simulation. You coast along, approaching various glass barriers. You have to tap to launch balls that break the glass to clear your path. If you run into something, you lose some ammo, but you can pick more up by breaking special glass cones throughout the game.

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[New Game] Those Raving Rabbids Make Their Android Gaming Debut In The Physics-Based Title 'Rabbids Big Bang'

When the Rabbids first appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii back in 2006, they were hilarious and even somewhat charming. There wasn't any depth to them, but there wasn't any depth to the game itself, so it was a perfect fit. Those obnoxious bunnies went on to shed their affiliation with Rayman and have since appeared in more games than their limbless friend. Now they're making their mobile debut with Rabbids Big Bang.

Rabbids Big Band - ugh, Big Gang, no, Big Bang is a physics-based game where you manipulate the now space-faring Rabbids with your finger tips, keeping them from launching off into the emptiness of space as they're drawn to planets Super Mario Galaxy-style.

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