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Adobe updates Photoshop Express to v3.3 and Photoshop Mix to v2.5

Adobe has long since abandoned the idea of producing "real" versions of Photoshop for mobile devices. Instead, it's fond of bite-sized apps that do a few image manipulation tricks with a simpler interface. Two of them are getting updates today: Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Express. One is getting a lot of features, and the other is only getting one.

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Adobe Photoshop Mix v2.0 makes layers more useful

It was a bummer when Adobe decided to end support for Photoshop Touch on Android a while back, especially because at the time Photoshop Mix was extremely limited by comparison. It has improved over time, and today it's getting a big update that might appease those who miss PS Touch. Now, you can have more layers and do more things with them.

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Adobe Releases Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Color CC, And Shape CC On The Play Store

Adobe, would you just pick a version of Photoshop for Android and stick with it? After unceremoniously dumping the conventional image editor Photoshop Touch last month and leaving us with the more Instagram-style Photoshop Express, Adobe has now released Photoshop Mix on the Play Store after a period of iOS exclusivity. This app is more powerful than Express, but less powerful than Touch, and attempts to bring a more manageable interface to phones.

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In particular the new app has selection tools and basic layer functionality, meaning it's suitable for at least some advanced image editing functions beyond mere touch-ups and filters.

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