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Adobe tests inserting intrusive ads in Android's share sheet and ‘Open with’ popup

When you’re a developer with a massive portfolio of apps, you’re definitely going to want to encourage your users to try out as many as possible. About a year back we spotted Microsoft trying something along those lines by shadily sneaking app advertisements into Android’s share menu if the user had installed even one of its other apps. Following in Microsoft’s footsteps, Adobe has now started testing similar install suggestions for its own range of apps.

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Adobe Photoshop Express adds watermark resizing and enhanced vignette tools [APK Download]

The main reason I don't use a Chromebook for my work here at AP is that I can't run full Photoshop on it. Proper watermarking is one use case that hasn't been possible in the Photoshop Express Android app, but the functionality has been greatly improved in the latest update — even though most people will have found another solution for this by now.

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Adobe Photoshop Express adds automatic perspective correction, vignette effects, and more

Adobe Photoshop Express has added a handful of useful new features. In an update this week, the mobile photo editor got the ability to automatically adjust the perspective of wonky photos with a single tap, as well as a vignette slider and a couple of quality-of-life improvements.

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Photoshop Express v3.7 adds watermarks and more presets for cropping [APK Download]

Adobe's Max 2017 event was today, where the company announced plenty of new apps and updates for its Creative Cloud suite. While the spotlight was mainly on the desktop, the mobile apps have also received a few improvements as well. Lightroom for Android was updated with a tablet UI and enhanced search abilities, but the Photoshop Express app is receiving a few new features as well.

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Adobe updates Photoshop Express to v3.3 and Photoshop Mix to v2.5

Adobe has long since abandoned the idea of producing "real" versions of Photoshop for mobile devices. Instead, it's fond of bite-sized apps that do a few image manipulation tricks with a simpler interface. Two of them are getting updates today: Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Express. One is getting a lot of features, and the other is only getting one.

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Adobe Photoshop Express 3 brings a modern interface with tablet-optimized look, Creative Cloud library, more

The last time Adobe's Photoshop Express app got an interface revamp was in 2014. What was then considered to be a modern look has gotten a little long in the tooth and looks quite outdated by today's standards. So the app has just received another interface overhaul.

The new Photoshop Express 3 doesn't have a Material look per se, but it does seem more at home on Marshmallow and Nougat than the previous version. It's cleaner with updated iconography and less Holo menus. It's also more optimized for tablets, as seen in the image above. For comparison's sake, you can check what the app looked like just a few days ago on the Play Store.

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Adobe Photoshop Express Updated To v2.2 With Borders, Better Navigation, And More

Adobe's redesigned Photoshop Express app has just gotten an update with even more new stuff. It's not the real Photoshop, but what do you expect for free? If you were expecting the real Photoshop, I don't even know what to say.

3 2 1

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Adobe Photoshop Express v2.1 Introduces The App's First IAPs - $3 For 'Premium Looks' Filters And $5 For Noise Reduction

Adobe's Photoshop Express app has rocked Android for longer than many of us have, so earlier this year it underwent a makeover for the big 2.0. The new app is zippy, attractive, and designed from the ground up for KitKat. Now Adobe is rolling out 2.1, and the most notable changes are two new in-app purchases. These two packs, already available in the iOS and Windows 8 versions of the app, are the Premium Looks pack for $3 and the Noise Reduction pack for $5.


The Premium Looks pack bundles up twenty new filters to jazz up those photos with.

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Adobe Releases Completely Redesigned Photoshop Express Version 2.0 With Revel Integration And New Rendering Engine

Adobe's Photoshop Express is an app we haven't actually talked about in quite some time, but with the slew of more advanced image-editing applications making their way to Android (like Snapseed, for example), Adobe thought it was time to show the aging application some love.

Today's release brings version 2.0 to the market, and it's been completely redesigned from the ground up. Adobe has taken care to ensure the app is fully compatible with KitKat, as well as optimize it to be faster than ever. Aside from that, the company has also incorporated its latest rendering engine, which is making its way to Android for the first time ever.

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