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Google Photos finally lets you see your recently uploaded pics on Android

Google Photos' big redesign began rolling out about a week ago and with it came a new map view, a fresh fan-shaped icon, and a three-tab design. What we missed in that new UI was the addition of one feature we've been wanting to see on Android for a while now: the ability to see our most recently uploaded pics, even if they were taken years ago.

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Big Google Photos update rolling out with fresh three-tab design, mapping feature, and new icon (APK Download)

Google Photos is easily one of Google's most magical and indispensable services, and now it's getting a tasteful redesign. The app is getting a simpler three-tab interface, and the map view previously spotted in testing is now official. The new changes cover not just the app, but the familiar pinwheel icon, too, which is getting a simpler (and seemingly polarizing) look. The changes, which were officially announced last week on June 25, are now rolling out to users via a server-side switch. Every device and account we have, in multiple countries, already has the new interface.

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Google is testing an 'Explore map' feature in Google Photos

Google Photos is already extremely good at searching through your old snapshots—you can search for objects, people, and even locations to find photos. Google is apparently testing a more visual way to find your photos based on location called "Explore map." a few lucky users already have it, and others have managed to get the map by poking at the APK.

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Facebook tool to export pictures to Google Photos now available worldwide

Late last year, Facebook announced a tool to let users easily migrate their uploaded photos to Google Photos. The tool was initially available in Ireland, with plans to expand to more countries in the first half of this year. The social network has made good on those plans by expanding the rollout to the US and Canada in April, and now reaching a global rollout today.

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Smile for the camera: Google Photos turns 5 today

Five years ago today, Google separated its Photos service from Google+ and launched it as a standalone platform, complete with a redesign and a slew of new features. While the app did get a few facelifts over the years, it's become one of the most stable experiences at Google. The company never fundamentally changed the winning formula and has only ever iteratively improved Photos.

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Nest Hubs and other Smart Displays let you easily hide, star, and share slideshow photos

Google's smart speakers and displays are brimming with features, some of which unknown. Many of you likely never noticed that they can ask their smart displays to star, share, or hide a pic when it comes up, but that feature has been available for a year. Google is now making it more visible by bringing the icons to the screen.

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How to digitize your old photos using your phone, and why Google PhotoScan is the best tool

There are dozens of apps in the Google Play Store that purport to do the job when it comes to digitizing tangible, paper photos. But after poring through the reviews of different apps in the store, we concluded that Google's PhotoScan app remains one of the best and easiest to use for this tedious process. It also syncs up with Google Photos, so it's an ace choice if you're already deep into the ecosystem.

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Seven alternative gallery apps to better manage your photos

For years, QuickPic was one of the first applications I would install on my phone, without even bothering to use the phone's default gallery app. It was small, fast, efficient, and free, but has sadly disappeared at the end of 2018. For a while, I've been trying to find a decent replacement, and some of the below apps are great candidates to become your next go-to gallery app.

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