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You can buy the gorgeous Almond OnePlus 7 Pro starting today

OnePlus began selling its latest flagship phone a few weeks back, but the OnePlus 7 Pro only came in blue or dark gray at the time. That spiffy "Almond" color was just listed as coming soon. Get ready to open those wallets—OnePlus will start taking orders for the Almond color today.

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[Update: New separate apps for Google Photos and Drive] Photo Map lets you explore your Google Photos on a world map

Smartphones have been adding location tags to pictures for years to help identify where a photo was taken, which is particularly useful when looking at old memories. However, it's not easy to find images you've shot in a particular location if you haven't properly sorted them out beforehand. iOS, for example, has a handy feature that lets you lay your pictures on a map, so you can easily find the images you've taken in a specific spot, without having to browse through your gallery. Unfortunately, Google Photos doesn't let you do that, even though it has the geotagging information. Thankfully, Photo Map solves this shortcoming by displaying the pictures you've captured on a map, so you never have to look for them manually again.

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Happy fourth birthday, Google Photos

When Google launched photos back in 2015, it probably didn't expect it would become one of people's most favorite apps around. All of us at Android Police really enjoy using it because it makes storing, finding, and sharing pictures so much easier.

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Google Photos reminds you to add related pictures to an existing album

Being a Google app, Photos comes with a powerful search feature that doesn't even require you to sort your pictures. Indeed, you just need to type the location and people you're looking for, and the engine will bring up corresponding items in a breeze. Nevertheless, if you're still an organization-freak like me and like to order your photos into albums, the app has you covered with a new feature that is rolling out to some users.

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Cloud photo storage service Shoebox is shutting down May 22


Android Q supports a new dynamic depth format for photos

Android Q supports a special file format for photos with depth information, according to the Android Developers Blog. The added depth metadeta can be used by apps to apply "specialized blurs and bokeh options," among other things.

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Facebook is retiring Moments, but you can still save your photos

Back in 2015, Facebook wanted to simplify picture sharing by launching Moments, its own Google Photos rival. The concept was simple: you would upload files from your gallery to privately share them with friends, keeping them separate from your Facebook albums. Despite 50 million downloads on the Play Store alone, the social media giant has decided to kill its app and is urging users to save their photos.

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Google Photos v4.8 is preparing a new suggested sharing feature based on your interactions [APK Teardown]

In a busy week of updates, Google Photos is joining the pack with the v4.8 release. As is fairly usual, the visible changes appear to be limited mostly to minor tweaks to wording. However, a teardown does point to some of the things we might expect in the future, including a new or enhanced feature for automatically suggested sharing, a new option for photobook cover imagery, and more.

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Google Lens now has an album shortcut to search photos

Google Lens made its debut in the Google Photos app on select devices a while back, but now it's available everywhere. You can still search from the Photos app, but Google just added a new shortcut to make it easier to scan your photos. From Lens, just tap the album button at the top of the screen, and you're all set.

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Google used this ridiculous 5-phone case to fine-tune the Pixel 3's portrait mode

We were pretty impressed with how the Pixel 2's portrait mode worked, and Google's deep dive into the technical details was easily one of my favorite reads of last year. The company must have recognized what a hit it was, as a new explanation for the enhanced technologies behind the Pixel 3's depth-sensing tech was just published. As always nowadays, a big chunk of the changes are a result of neural network magic, but Google also has a "Frankenphone" five-Pixel case to thank for the Pixel 3's portrait mode progress.

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