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[Update: Live for some] Google Photos will finally tell you which photos weren't backed up, like the good ol' days

There was a point a year or more ago where Google Photos had a neat indicator on top of each media item that showed whether or not it was backed up. Thanks to it, you could always tell at a glance which photo or video had been uploaded and which ones were still pending. That indicator disappeared completely, but the Photos team has finally realized the extent of its mistake by removing it, so it's bringing the functionality back.

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Samsung Cloud Together lets you manage and password protect your photos on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and local storage

Samsung is slowly rolling out a new app meant to centralize your photo management. For those using storage with multiple cloud services, Samsung Cloud Together might be a good option for dealing with the mess. And even if you have a well-organized setup, the app also includes a security feature that allows you to password protect selected photos.

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Popular Photo Storage App 'Everalbum' Hovers Over To Android With Unlimited Image Backups

Smartphones have replaced digital cameras as the primary way millions of people take photos. But these days, many devices don't let users pop in a microSD card to store their photos as they would on a dedicated device. Companies have come up with an alternative solution by letting you upload and store your images on their servers.

Apple has iCloud, and Google has Google Photos. Dropbox, Microsoft, and most any other service that lets you back up files remotely will gladly host all of your photos too. Flickr is an option that's dedicated exclusively to your photos, and so is Everalbum.

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Amazon Cloud Drive 1.2 Adds File And Folder Deletion Plus A Swipe-To-View Gesture

Amazon's Cloud Drive app has been around since June, but it's been missing some fairly basic tools. As in, so basic that it's kind of mind-boggling that they haven't been included thus far. Today's update adds the ability to rename and delete files and folders, which was apparently missing before. That seems like a pretty big omission, but it's been rectified in version 1.2. It's available now on the Google Play Store, and of course, Amazon's own Appstore.

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[Update: It's Live] I/O 2015 - New Google Photo App Launches Today, Includes Unlimited Free Storage Of High Quality Photos And Video

We have already posted a pretty thorough preview of the features coming with the new Google Photos app, but that doesn't mean Google didn't save a couple of surprises for IO. The big bombshell is that, starting later today, users will be able to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos for free. If you weren't using Google as your primary source for photo archiving, this news may give you reason to reconsider.

Screenshot 2015-05-28 at 11.03.55 AM

Your pictures and videos won't be compressed into oblivion either, they will be stored at up to 16MP for images and 1080p for video.

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