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Google Photos now lets you customize photo book layouts

Google Photos is fantastic for storing and organizing all your pictures, but there's something just neat about flipping through a paper photo album. The service has provided those since last year, but your options for customizing them were more or less limited to choosing which photos to include and whether you wanted a hard or soft cover. Now, you're able to customize the layout of each page for a more personalized album.

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[Update: In Stable Version] WhatsApp lets you send any file type, bundles shared media, and modifies the call screen

It's quite fitting that the first article I write when I get back from my honeymoon (wipe your tears, ladies and gentlemen, this one's taken) is about WhatsApp. For the past years, I've reported about the app's different interface and functionality changes here on Android Police and while I was sipping cava by the sea or emphatically nodding "Si, si," to everyone in Spain while putting my new husband's feet to the test (not like that, you dirty-minded people, we were walking a lot everywhere), WhatsApp rolled out a couple of new things to its app...

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