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Focus 1.2 Beta Gets A Price Reduction, Fingerprint Lock, Native Video Player, Manual Icon Switcher, And Lots Of Other Improvements

Focus is a very neat alternative gallery app on Android. After the unfortunate sale of QuickPic, it became my go-to third-party photo browser if I needed something other than whatever was installed on my phone (Google Photos or LG/Samsung's default Gallery app), and that's not just because it's well designed, but also because it's very fast and can handle thousands of photos with nary an issue.

After its release in August of last year, the app got a couple of minor updates that fixed bugs and added a few new features, but this new beta version (1.2) brings it to an even higher level.

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Francisco Franco's Focus Is A Beautiful, Responsive, Tag-Friendly, And Simple Media Gallery

Francisco Franco, of franco.Kernel fame and several other root applications, has just released a new media gallery browser for Android: Focus. Designed by our very own Liam Spradlin (#halleliam), Focus brings a big, erm, focus on design, usability, and efficiency. It's decked with Material Design elements and animations, but it still keeps a unique look and approach to image, gif, and video viewing.

Focus' differentiating feature is that you can see all of your images, literally ALL of your images, from the app's main screen. No need to delve into submenus, open folders, go back, and try again until you can find that one cat photo you took three months ago. Photos

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