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Google Photos v3.8 adds a shortcut to notification settings, prepares Maps integration and photo book wizards [APK Teardown]

Google began rolling out a new version of the Photos app this afternoon. It's not a particularly feature rich update, it appears to include just a convenient shortcut for notification channels and a promotion for free shipping on photo books. However, a teardown does add a bit more meat to this release as it foretells of some basic integration with Google Maps and some helpful wizards for building quality photo books.

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Google's new photo books are already live in the Photos app for some

Photo books were announced at Google I/O 2017 just three days ago, and could be ordered that same day - but on the web only. However, the feature was said to be rolling out to the Google Photos Android and iOS apps 'in the coming weeks.' It seems like that estimate was just a tad conservative, as it's already showing up in some people's Photos apps.

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Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries, and photo books in Google Photos utilize machine learning to group photos together

Google Photos is something many people use every day; the automatic backup feature is so convenient, and the free unlimited storage is a major selling point. At I/O 2017, Google unveiled three new features: Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries, and photo books. All of these use Photos' excellent machine learning technology to group faces together.

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You can now make photo books with Google Photos

No matter how easy or simple storing all your photos in the cloud is, some people prefer to have hard copies of their favorite memories. There is no shortage of services and companies that offer easy creation of photo books, but now Google Photos has the functionality built-in.

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