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Google Photos is testing a completely useless Printing tab

As any Android enthusiast will know, Google loves testing new UIs and features on random users. Sometimes the changes are welcome, but other times... not so much. This latest addition to Google Photos falls into the latter category, because a dedicated Printing tab is something that nobody asked for.

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Google Fi subscribers can snag a free Google Photos photo book

A handy thing about being a giant corporation is that you're able to use one of your services to promote another. Google's been known to do this from time to time, and it's at it again: right now, Google Fi subscribers can snag a free Google Photos photo book.

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Google Photos photo books expand to 14 European countries

There are many digital ways to consume our photos and memories these days — browsing on our phones, casting to a large TV, showcasing on a Smart Display like the Google Home Hub — but if you want physical copies of your pics to flip through and enjoy, you will need to print them. Google Photos offers a photo book service in several countries, and now it's expanding to 14 more in Europe.

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Google Photos now lets you customize photo book layouts

Google Photos is fantastic for storing and organizing all your pictures, but there's something just neat about flipping through a paper photo album. The service has provided those since last year, but your options for customizing them were more or less limited to choosing which photos to include and whether you wanted a hard or soft cover. Now, you're able to customize the layout of each page for a more personalized album.

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Google Photos photo books come to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, and Romania

Beyond being your awesome digital photo archiver, Google Photos offers to print copies of your pics if you prefer to keep those memories in a physical album. After launching in May of 2015 in the US, Photo books expanded to seven more countries over time (Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain), and they're now reaching five more.

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Google Photos photo books are now available in Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain

Google Photos is, for many, a life-changing product. It stores and organizes every photo you take in relatively high quality for free (or in original quality for free, if you're a Pixel user). There's still something to be said for printed photos, though, which makes the photo books Google offers a neat proposition. And now, residents of Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain are able to take advantage.

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Google Photos photo books are launching in the UK and France today

Google announced its Photos photo books back in 2017, but the service was initially only available in the US. Canada was added later in the year, and no other countries joined the list for about nine months. Earlier this week, photo books arrived in Germany, and today they're hitting the UK and France as well.

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Google Photos v3.26 prepares for editing VR images, enables captions in photo books, and adds more suggestions [APK Teardown]

Google is rolling out plenty of updates today, including a new version of Photos. This update probably won't change much for most users, but if you're preparing a photo book, you'll now have the option to add captions to your shots. A teardown also reveals plans to support editing of stereoscopic images and there are a couple new types of suggestions that may pop up on some of your photos.

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Google Photos v3.13 adds search filter for Motion Photos, notifications for Photo Books, and a shortcut to set up reciprocal sharing [APK Download]

We're getting a new version of Google Photos today, and breaking from the recent theme, this one actually has a few changes, though most of them don't stand out all that much. It's now easy to search for Motion Photos with a convenient search category. There are new notifications related to Photos Books, plus the settings to turn them off. And if anybody is auto-sharing photos with you, there's now a shortcut for setting up the same arrangement with them.

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Google Photo books now available in Canada, starting at $17.99

The holidays are fast approaching, which means the opportunities to gather with family and share the past year's memories and make new ones will be aplenty. This makes now the perfect time for using Google's Photo books to print neat physical albums of your existing photos or to prepare for the impending holiday picturefest. And as it so happens, Photo books are now available in Canada as well.

When they first launched in May, Photo books were exclusive to the US, but now users in Canada will start seeing the option in Google Photos, in both English and French, and regardless of whether they're using Android, iOS, or web.

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