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OneDrive 3.9 Backs Up Photos From Multiple Folders And SD Cards

OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage solution, is a nice alternative (or additional) option to Google Drive. The Android app has offered automatic photo uploads since Feburary 2014 when it was rebranded from Skydrive. However, for the past two years that the feature has been available, it has suffered from one major limitation: no automatic uploads from any folder except your camera roll.

This meant that if you used another camera application that stored its photos on another folder or if you had saved or received photos from other applications (say WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or via email, etc...) or even if you had images on an SD card, you couldn't back them up.

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Gmail's 'Insert Photo' Button Gets Access To Google+ Backed Up Photos, Makes Sharing Pictures A Snap

Many moons ago, Google added G+ photo backups, a feature that not only keeps pictures backed up with users' Google accounts for safe-keeping, but also allows for quick and easy sharing on Google's social network. Today, the company is offering similarly simplistic sharing of photos with Gmail in the web browser.


As of today, the Gmail web app's "insert photo" button within the compose window's action bar will have access to the photos that are automatically backed up via the Google+ app on smartphones and tablets. If images are organized into albums on Google Photos, then it's even possible to easily share groups of pictures simultaneously.

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