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Quick Snapseed update fixes a bug that deleted some original photos after editing

Graphic designers know the pain of saving a project and accidentally writing over their only copy of an original photo. Last week Snapseed users knew that pain too, because at least a few of them were experiencing a frustrating bug that did the same thing. While the bug wasn't widespread (we couldn't replicate it on our own phones, for example), multiple Reddit users said that sending a photo to Snapseed via the Share menu could either delete or overwrite the original non-edited photo.

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Snapseed 2.6 update brings neutral color picker and presets to RAW white balance editor, blue filter for black and white options

The latest Snapseed update brings a couple of things that the development team says have been oft-requested by users. For those tweaking RAW images, you get two new handy ways to get the white balance. For all image types, an additional color filter has been added to the existing choices in the black and white editor.

You already could adjust the color temperature for RAW images with Snapseed, but this isn't a foolproof method since it requires you to be able to eyeball the photo to figure out when you have correctly set the temperature. This update lets you do what the pros do, which is use a color picker to tell Snapseed what to use as a reference for a neutral color.

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Dreamify App Uses Google Deep Dream To Turn Your Photos Into Cronenberg Nightmares


Google's Deep Dream program is a method for computers to analyze and recognize images with an artificial neural network. When visualized, its effects range from strangely appealing to completely terrifying (at least to our boring human eyes). Google showed off a visual version of some of its processing tools last month, then opened up the source code for developers. At least one or two of them probably got really excited and incorporated the code into new and interesting projects. The rest proceeded to use Deep Dream to turn Gawker and Buzzfeed into an extended LSD trip for about a week.

image (1) image (2) image

Want to join in the fun?

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[New App] Dayframe Turns Your Android Device Into A Customizable, Animated Web Photo Frame, Beta Ends Next Week

We're not the first to observe this: plug an Android tablet into a charge (or even better, a wireless charger or dock) and it becomes a pretty splendid digital photo frame, like the one you gave your Grandma three Christmases ago that's still in the box. Cloud.TV, the developer behind the excellent HD Widgets, would like to offer you a more powerful alternative. Meet Dayframe, a connected and continuously-updating photo frame app.


The idea behind Dayframe is admirably simple: it gathers photos from some well-liked public streams on Flickr, Instagram, 500px, and others, plus your own social media and local photos, and displays them in a simple and pleasing slideshow.

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Photoshop Touch For Tablets Updated With Larger Image Support, UI Enhancements, And New Effects

Photoshop Touch may be a long way from coming anywhere near the capabilities of its desktop alternative, but Adobe is closing the gap bit by bit. The 1.3 update issued today adds a handful of new features, the most important of which is support for images up to 12 megapixels in density. Even that won't be enough to keep up with current mid-range DSLRs, but it should let designers play with the photos taken from any Android tablets in the near future. Unfortunately, the $9.99 app is still exclusively formatted for and restricted to tablets - something that Galaxy Note owners are surely a little miffed at.

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