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[Deal Alert] Pick up a 4-5.2" phone mount over at Amazon for $4 ($4 savings)

If you are in the market for an inexpensive phone mount, right now over at Amazon you can pick one up for $4 with promo code HM6MF7KT. It's regularly $8, which makes that a 50% savings. Make a bold note, though, that it will only work if you've got a phone on the smaller side, between 4 and 5.2" in screen size (or 55mm-85mm in width).

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HTC will reveal its Snapdragon 835 flagship, the U, in April according to report

Watching HTC release phones is almost as frustrating as Google's current messenger app situation. After two years of incremental releases to the company's 'HTC One' lineup, many considered last year's HTC 10 to be a great phone (besides being rather expensive at launch). The company followed up this year with the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play, neither of which has received positive reviews.

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Google Phone v8.0 makes voicemail shareable, fixes a mismatched icon, and begins work on an RCS-based calling feature [APK Download + Teardown]

An update to the Google Phone app came out a few days ago, but left many people wondering what the changes were. This version doesn't have a whole lot to show off, but a close examination does reveal a couple of interesting things both active and hidden inside the apk. Users now have the option to easily share voicemails as regular files, meaning you can email them to friends or easily stash them in cloud storage. From the perspective of a teardown, Google has also added the first signs of RCS support, meaning we can look forward to some new calling features to come along in the future.

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Phone 7.0 appears with a tweaked swipe up to answer [APK Download]

Version 7.0 of the phone app for Nexus and Pixel devices has arrived, with... you guessed it, no major changes at all. There are some minor updates and re-workings, but this one most likely will not blow your socks off.

Firstly, a 'block/report spam' option has been added to the long press dialog in the call log - in previous versions, only 'Copy number' and 'Edit number before call' were present.

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Android 7.1 feature spotlight: Phone app switches to Do Not Disturb while on a call, new call notification, and more

If you think Chrome's rapid updates are annoying, Google's Phone application might send you over the edge. The last 4.0 update came in August, then 5.1 was included with Pixel devices, then another 4.1 update for non-Android 7.0 users, and now we are at 6.0. So what warrants a major version bump? Not much.

Google Phone 5.1 actually added most of the UI changes you might notice (check out our post about it). The first noticeable change here is when receiving a call, the notification now has larger Answer and Decline buttons. This is also on the Phone 4.1 APK, but it is worth mentioning here.

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Google Phone 5.1 includes UI changes, swipe up to answer, and more [APK Download]

We're still tearing down all the applications from the Pixel system dump, and the included Google Phone 5.1 app is certainly worth talking about. Without further ado, let's dive in!

New call UI

The first major change is the brand new Call UI, which is now a translucent blue shade over your wallpaper. The new interface looks a bit like the iOS dialer, with large buttons and a circular Caller ID icon at the top.

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AT&T LG V20 pre-orders start tomorrow (10/7), hits store on 10/28

The LG V20 is perhaps the best phone released by LG in recent history. Instead of the modular functionality of the LG G5, the V20 was designed as an all-in-one solution for power users. It even has features rare on flagship devices, like a removable battery and a fantastic headphone amp. The V20 is also the only non-Google phone to currently ship with Android 7.0 Nougat.

AT&T has announced pre-orders for the V20 will begin tomorrow, although unfortunately neglected to provide a shipping date.

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Blu announces the Life One X2, starting at $134.99

Blu has a history of making phones with excellent specs for extremely low prices. We recently reviewed the Blu Pure XR, and while the specs on that device were good for a $299 phone, the software experience left a lot to be desired. Blu has just revealed their newest device, the Life One X2, and it is very impressive at the price point.

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Meizu M3 Max released, 6" display and 4100mAh battery in tow

Meizu has just revealed their newest device to the world, entitled the Meizu M3 Max. It's called 'Max' for a reason, the phone is rocking a 6" 1080p screen, placing it firmly into phablet territory. Meizu says they chose that size to make multi-window functionality and media consumption more usable, which is a very valid point.

The M3 Max is rocking a 4,100mAh battery to power that massive screen, much more than the capacity of recent flagship devices such as the Moto Z (2600mAh) and Galaxy Note 7 (3500mAh). The phone also features a fingerprint sensor up front, capable of storing up to five fingerprints for authentication.

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Acer announces Iconia Talk S, Liquid Z6, and Liquid Z6 Plus budget smartphones at IFA

Acer has launched three Android smartphones at IFA—the Iconia Talk S, the Liquid Z6, and the Liquid Z6 Plus. All of them are more budget-oriented, but they're quite different from each other.

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