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dbrand's new Swarm material is its most textured, tactile, and dynamic yet - get it at 20% off right now [Sponsored Post]

Electronics skins from dbrand. Why do you need one on your phone, laptop, console, or other devices? Well, they add grip, and a layer of protection against wear and tear, dings and scratches. Let's be honest though, you could accomplish that with some duct tape and a exact-o-knife if you wanted to get crafty. The things that set dbrand's skins apart are that they are perfectly cut to fit your device and –most importantly– they look freaking awesome. 

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25% off dbrand’s entire shop, plus new Carbon Fiber skins [Sponsored Post]

Ubiquitous tech YouTube sponsor and phone customizer dbrand has just launched two new materials: Gray and Yellow Carbon Fiber. To celebrate the launch, dbrand is offering a site-wide 25% off discount, no coupon required. Just add the items to cart and you’re good to go.

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[Weekend Poll] Do You Put Your Phone In A Case / Skin?

Protecting your smartphone is something that can be accomplished through both passive (e.g., waterproofing) and active (e.g., a case) means. But today I want to talk specifically about cases. Smartphone cases have endured over the years among a huge segment of the market, and cases have evolved into distinct subtypes - and oddities, like the pictured HTC Dot View above - to accommodate particular consumer demands.

What I want to know is this: do you use a smartphone case, and what kind?

As a phone reviewer, I don't really have the luxury of cases - I simply use too many phones to go out and buy endless accessories for, though if I did plan on using a smartphone for two years straight, I'd probably at least consider a skin of some kind.

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