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OnePlus expands Protection Plans to 27 European countries

Customers in 27 European countries interested in OnePlus 8-series phones can now pick up Protection Plans for both screen damage and more general accidental protection. The new insurance, which first rolled out in Europe starting on April 30th, has now arrived in 15 more countries including Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.

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Asurion acquires uBreakiFix, adding phone repairs to its handset insurance business

Asurion, an insurance company offering services including accidental damage protection and warranty extension for consumer electronics, has just acquired the retail phone repair outlet uBreakiFix. This follows the latter company's recent celebration opening its 500th store,

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Sprint Is Offering Open Enrollment For Their Device Insurance Plans Throughout March

On the heels of a very similar promotion from AT&T, Sprint has decided to allow any of their subscribers to add phone insurance to their plan throughout the month. Normally, you can only get a device insured within the first 30 days after purchase, so this is a good deal if you dragged your feet back when you first got your phone or LTE-capable tablet.

The plans, branded as Total Equipment Protection (TEP) and TEP Plus, are serviced by Asurion, just like AT&T. Both will cost you monthly fees that go higher if your phone is newer or nicer. TEP Plus is only for "higher-end" devices and brings with it a higher monthly fee but no deductibles on the first two claims.

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AT&T Offering Open Enrollment For Mobile Device Insurance Until March 31st

If you want insurance for your device on AT&T and you bought the phone or tablet over a month ago, you're normally in trouble. For a limited time, though, you can get their insurance regardless of the date you bought the device. Until March 31, AT&T is allowing open enrollment on any of their three insurance plans:


The most expensive tier, which was introduced last summer, can cover tablets and laptops that have no relationship with AT&T so long as there is at least one device that is tied to the carrier on the plan. The main difference between the $6.99 and $9.99 plans is the ability to get priority technical support in the more expensive one.

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AT&T Intros Multi-Device Insurance Plans For Your Phone, Tablet, And Laptop, $29.99 A Month With Decreasing Deductibles

As Android Police's resident phone insurance guru, I'm here to talk to you briefly about AT&T's new multi-device insurance plan that it's offering postpaid subscribers starting today. The premise is simple: pay more money, be able to insure more things. They're calling it the Multi-Device Protection Pack, abbreviated MDPP, which is about as catchy as MERS.

Anyway, the plan works like this - you need at least one connected postpaid AT&T device (phone or tablet) as the "anchor" device on the plan. Once you've got that, you can add two additional "non-anchor" devices, which can either be more AT&T-connected smartphones (non-AT&T smartphones are not allowed), tablets, or laptops.

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A Detailed Guide To Phone Insurance In The US: Who Has The Best Coverage, And Is It Even Worth It?

Phone insurance isn't an exciting topic. But it is a topic a lot of people have questions about, particularly when it comes to two things: who's the best, and is phone insurance actually a good investment? As you'll see, those questions don't really have an easy answer. But I'm going to break down a few of the US's most popular insurers, alternatives (like your homeowners policy), and explore whether phone insurance is even actually a good idea given your individual needs.



Asurion is an extremely popular phone insurer, but most Asurion policyholders may not even know they're with the company, which does not actually sell insurance directly to consumers.

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