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[Update: Open beta] Google Files Go is an unreleased smart file manager that aims to keep your phone clean [APK Download]

A ton of devices these days have built-in 'cleaners,' and it looks like Google has been developing its own. It's called Files Go, and judging from the screenshots and the description, it does a lot of the things that phones like the Galaxy S8 have within the system. The beta program is currently closed, but we've got the APK.

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HTC Is Testing A Phone Cleaner App Called Boost+ Via Its Preview Program

Most phone makers have their own storage/RAM cleaner apps, and now you can add HTC to that list. The OEM's new HTC Preview program kicked off recently, and the first thing users are previewing is a phone cleaner called Boost+. It's not restricted to HTC phones, but you can only get it via the preview program (not that you should want it).

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