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Pixels may soon automatically screen incoming calls, decline robocalls

Call Screen debuted last year on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, and has since expanded to the newer Pixel phones and a handful of other devices. If you're lucky enough to have this on your phone, you never have to answer another call without knowing who's on the other end. Google might be planning to automate part of the process, too. According to XDA, Call Screen may automatically screen select calls and hang up on spam.

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Google Assistant phone calls are spreading to more third-party speakers

Feature parity is a huge point of contention in Android, and now in Google Assistant speakers too. Whenever Google announces a new ability for its Home line-up, you can toss a coin and it's pretty much 50-50 whether this will work on Assistant speakers from other brands. For phone calls, the situation has been more dire. Even though Google Home users could make a voice call starting August 2017 (in the US first), those with third-party speakers didn't have that option. But things are getting better.

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Verizon 'My Numbers' lets you have multiple phone numbers on a single device for $15 each

There are (apparently) people who want to use the same number on multiple phones. In that case, you could (but should not) get the Verizon Palm Phone. For those who want it the other way around, the new My Numbers service from Verizon lets you add more numbers to a single phone, but it'll cost you more money.

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Amazon's Echo Connect smart speakerphone is now available for $34.99

Amazon has so many Echo things now that it can be hard to keep track. There's the Echo Show, Plus, Spot, Dot, and Squiggle. Okay, I made that last one up, but you never know what Amazon is going to do next. Today, it's releasing the previously announced Echo Connect, which links your home phone to Alexa devices. You can order yours today for $34.99.

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[Update: More details] Google Home can now use your own phone number for calls

Back at Google I/O 2017, Google announced that hands-free phone calling would come to the Home smart speaker. The feature finally arrived in August, but with one caveat - it could only use a randomly-chosen number or your Google Voice/Project Fi number.

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Wear Dialer for Android Wear lets you place calls from your wrist

Phone calls are not my favorite thing in the world, but I suppose if I have to make one I'd prefer the minimum of effort to be expended. Wear Dialer from HuskyDEV lets you initiate calls from your wrist. That sounds easy.

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PSA: The Google Dialer Works With Many Non-Nexus Phones Now [Update: Not Anymore]

The Google dialer is what ships on all Nexus phones, but OEMs usually create their own vastly different dialer app. Beginning with the v2.05 update, you can install Google's version on most other phones too. This update rolled out a few weeks ago, but it seems that people are still just noticing, so let's get this all out in the open.

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Viber 4.1 Update Enables Users To Make Calls To Landlines And Mobile Phones Via 'Viber Out'

Viber is what you get when you take a free VoIP service, create an app for it, and smother it with purple. Any two people with the app installed can communicate with one another via voice or text entirely for free. Now the team is adding in the ability to make low-cost calls to any dedicated phone number.


Users can buy credits for "Viber Out" via in-app purchases within either the mobile or desktop software. Prices start at 1.9 cents per minute and change depending on which country you're calling. In some places, prices will also vary depending on whether you're calling a landline or a mobile phone.

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PSA: Phone Calls Are Returning To Gmail, Also Integrated With Google+ And The Chrome Extension

The transition from Google Talk to Hangouts added a lot of new features, but making phone calls from Gmail didn't come along for the ride. There was still a roundabout way of adding phone numbers to a Hangout, but it was too awkward to be useful. Finally, Google has announced that phone calls are again possible from Gmail, but that's not all. Phone calls are now built into Hangouts in Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome Extension. There are even some neat new features.

video call 2 

To call a phone number from Hangouts, press the phone icon in Gmail, or choose the "Call a phone" menu item in Google+ and the Chrome extension.

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Thrutu App Gets A Massive Update, Adds Tons Of Features To Your Phone Calls

Out of all the things that we use smartphones for these days, calls come in pretty close to last. We're too busy texting, taking pictures, surfing the web, getting directions... you get the idea. What if we could incorporate all of these things into our phone calls though? That's exactly what Thrutu aims to do, and the newest update to the app makes most of that possible. Here's a video to get a better idea:

Every feature isn't highlighted in the video, though - it can actually do even more than that. Here's a breakdown of each option, directly from the Market listing:

  • Location: callers can see each other’s position on a map, updating live as they move.
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