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YouTube Premium and Music launch in 7 Asian markets

YouTube Music and Premium are continuing their expansion across the world. After adding eight Middle Eastern countries in September, the service is now spreading to seven more markets in Asia. Most notable among these additions is Indonesia, the fourth most populated country in the world, and a potentially huge market for Google.

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Google to bring free Wi-Fi hotspots to the Philippines

Google Station is a program in developing countries, where local partners and Google tie up to bring free Wi-Fi to high traffic locations like railway and bus stations. Piloted in India in 2016, the program then expanded to Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Thailand, even rolling out to college campuses and hospitals. It's now coming to a sixth location: the Philippines.

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[Update: Now in India, with cash rewards] Google Duo invite rewards scheme goes live in the Philippines

In the last couple of versions of Google Duo, Cody has found evidence of rewards for inviting friends to install the app (v37 and v38). The scheme now appears to have gone live for users in the Philippines, potentially ahead of being launched in other regions.

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Google Store going live in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries

Google has another major event lined up for today, where the announcement of the Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Pixelbook, and other devices will likely take place. It looks like more countries could get the chance to buy Google hardware (maybe including the upcoming products), because the Google Store is expanding to more nations.

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[Update: APK Download] Twitter Lite arrives in the Play Store, but only for the Philippines

Twitter Lite was released in March as a Progressive Web App. Not only was it a significant upgrade over the previous mobile Twitter site, but it included almost all the functionality of the native app (including push notifications). In fact, it earned a spot in our best Twitter clients list a few months ago.

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Google expected to discontinue YouTube Accelerator to focus on deploying WiFi networks

Google announced an interesting product last year called YouTube Accelerator that aimed to do away with buffering by caching YouTube videos on local networks. Accelerator initially launched in a handful of locations in the Philippines, but now Google is rumored to be dropping Accelerator. Instead, it's just going to work on rolling out faster WiFi in public spaces as part of the Google Station program.

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Pokémon GO heads to 15 new countries in Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam

Slowly but surely, the creatures are coming. They advance, nation by nation, relentless, refusing to stop until the entire planet is their domain. Hundreds of millions have felt their impact. Politicians and titans of industry are not immune. And even mainstream news outlets are scrambling to find "22 Tips For Catching Pokémon - #12 Will Make You Scream!" Today developer Niantic continues its bid for global mobile gaming domination by expanding Pokémon GO to 15 new markets in Asia, including hundreds of millions of new potential players on iOS and Android.

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[Less Buffering] YouTube Accelerator Caches Popular Videos On Local WiFi Hotspots To Speed Up Streaming (Pilot In The Philippines)

You know what I hate? Being at the airport or a café and trying to watch a few YouTube videos to pass the time only to be hit with a buffering animation and interminable amounts of waiting. Well, it doesn't really bother me now, because I haven't had time to travel or go chill in a café in years (you do realize I work two full-time jobs, simultaneously?!), but I suppose it would if I was the kind of person who did that. I'm just very sympathetic to everyone who's tried it and I have very good news for them: YouTube is about to make you wait less and watch more.

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Marshmallow OTA Links Now Available For Some Android One Phones

Thanks to semi-standardized hardware and "pure" builds of Android, Google has maintained an impressive track record when it comes to speedily updating the Android One phones that it's designed with various partners in emerging markets. One of our readers was kind enough to track down a handful of links for over-the-air updates to Android 6.0 for these phones, in case users are tired of waiting and want to update their phones manually. To flash these OTA files in recovery, you need to be on the latest Lollipop build (LMY48M) with unmodified software.

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Google Starts Rolling Out Android 6.0 Marshmallow To Android One Devices As Well

Yesterday saw the release of Android 6.0's factory images and OTA updates for the Nexus family. One other group of devices that are supposed to get the update just as quickly (and way before all the OEM smartphones) is Android One phones. And it looks like Google is making good on its promise to update these One devices timely and efficiently.

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