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Phiaton BT 150 NC review: Great sound and noise canceling in an affordable package

Taking a step away from fitness-oriented audio, I have recently spent some time with Phiaton's BT 150 NC noise canceling earphones. This is aimed at traveling professionals who want to have great noise canceling without breaking the bank. Phiaton manages that with the $150 BT 150 NC, all while providing very good sound quality and comfort.

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Phiaton announces the BT 150 NC with 95% ambient noise cancelling and more for $149

Most of us that cover Bluetooth audio here at AP really like Phiaton; the company does an excellent job at providing a blend of good sound quality, stellar battery life, and an attractive price point. Phiaton's latest product, the neckbud-style BT 150 NC, looks to be in the same vein from many appearances.

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Phiaton BT 390 review: A competent, compact pair of Bluetooth headphones that sounds great

You all know how I feel about Bluetooth audio products by now, especially my opinions about the inverse relationship between portability/convenience and sound quality. It's true that most of my Bluetooth audio reviews here on AP have been negative, however, what I have today completely blew my expectations. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to judge anything before I actually get it and test it, but I'm jaded, so I was very surprised here.

Meet the Phiaton BT 390, an extremely competent pair of Bluetooth headphones that pack very good and balanced sound, and even amazing battery life, into a foldable, portable body.

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Phiaton announces travel-friendly wireless headphones that won't break the bank

Designer brand Phiaton has developed a reputation for premium headphones and earphones with high-quality sound to match their good looks. Unless you can find a good deal, the products are usually out of reach for most people due to the prohibitive price points. That's where the BT 390 comes in. These brand new on-ear headphones are designed to bring the brand a new group of followers, enticing them with a much more affordable $79 price tag.

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[Deal Alert] Touch Of Modern Has Phiaton Fusion MS 430 And Bridge MS 500 Headphones On Sale Today For Up To $105 Off

Designer brand Phiaton makes some sweet-looking headphones that don't skimp on the sound quality (cough, Beats, cough). They're also pretty expensive, with retail prices putting them out of reach for most casual listeners and enthusiasts on a budget. But online boutique store Touch of Modern is offering two models at a steep discount starting today: the Fusion MS 430 and Bridge MS 500. You'll need a free membership to Touch of Modern to have access to the deals.

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The Fusion headphones have a retail price of $150, but Touch of Modern is selling them for $89.99. These feature an eye-catching carbon fiber and aluminum design with a thick red headphone cord, complete with in-line controls.

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Phiaton BT 220 NC Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Same Song, Different Verse

Back in August of 2012, I reviewed a set of Bluetooth earbuds from Phiaton called the PS 210 BTNC. At the time I found them quite pleasant to use, that huge clip-on "remote" be damned. Fast-forward two years and Phiaton is back with the 210's successor, the BT 220 NC ($160). Here's the questionable part: the design is basically the same. While most Bluetooth earbud manufacturers have moved to a much smaller, more practical design, Phiaton is sticking to its guns with the wired remote. The good news is that the in-line donglemote has been dramatically improved over the 210, so at least there's that.

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Quick Look: Phiaton Chord MS 530 And Fusion MS 430 Headphones

This holiday season, I have little doubt that over-the-ear headphones will be a big seller. Among those sold, it's hard to deny that the bulk will likely be Beats by Dre, because that's what all the cool kids are wearing. If you're more concerned with what sounds good and is practical over what's "popular," however, Phiaton is a brand to keep an eye on. I've been using the company's two newest offerings, the Bluetooth Chord MS 530 and the compact Fusion MS 430 for the last several weeks, and definitely recommend both for those looking for such a product. Let's take a closer look at both and discuss why.

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Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earphones Review: These Aren't Dr. Dre's Earbuds, And That's A Good Thing

I don't do a lot of earbud reviews. In the past, the buds I've reviewed have always been Bluetooth. Thus, reviewing a set of wired 'buds was a little different for me. When it comes to headsets like the Moderna MS 200s from Phiaton ($120), it's all about the sound quality and comfort - things that matter for Bluetooth 'buds, like practicality, battery life, and ease of use are all thrown out the window. Wired earbuds are easily one of the more "analog" pieces of tech that we review, which also makes them one of the most difficult. Essentially, what "sounds good" is a very subjective assessment, because, simply put, what qualifies as "good" to me may be "meh" to you.

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[Review] Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

It's no secret that most of us hate cables. We want wireless sync and charging. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. NFC. The list goes on and on. Why then, would we settle for earbuds that remain physically tethered to our device? We wouldn't. Unfortunately, Bluetooth earbuds aren't nearly as commonplace as their wired counterparts, and they oftentimes costs thrice as much (or more). Still, if you just can't stand the thought of using a wired set of 'buds, it's really your best (and only) option.

Enter a new offering to the Bluetooth earbud arena (available for pre-order now, should be in stores early next week): the Phiaton PS 210 BTNC (MSRP $160).

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