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[Update: Now $425] Deal Alert: If you really need a Tango phone, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is $50 off ($450) with coupon

You probably don't need a Tango device. While the Google-developed spatial awareness tech is cool, it's also incredibly niche, and there are only a few fleeting practical applications for its use once you get past the admittedly nifty tech demos. But if you can in fact justify several hundred dollars for a one-off design, there's a way you can save a few bucks today. Lenovo is offering $50 off of the Phab 2 Pro, the first (and very likely only) consumer device with Tango camera tech, bringing it down to $449.99.

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Lenovo can't even pay people to make the Phab 2 Pro seem exciting

The Phab 2 Pro is the first phone to feature Google's Tango. Tango is, to put it lightly, not really ready for anyone aside from curious tech reviewers and maybe developers looking to get into AR content. The Phab 2 Pro itself also isn't a very good phone, and frankly costs too much to justify a largely gimmicky feature. In short, this product has "commercial flop" written all over it, and I think even AR enthusiasts and Tango phones can understand that. I honestly didn't ever expect it to be commercially marketed: this is a gadget that has some novelty and development value, but essentially zero real consumer appeal at this time.

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25 new and notable Tango augmented reality apps and games for your new Phab2 Pro

Welcome to a slightly more niche version of the Android Police app and game roundup. Because I have the Lenovo Phab2 Pro in my hands (note the plural there), we all thought it would be a good idea if we gave a list of the Tango apps and games for this shiny new device. Everything on this list will utilize the power of augmented reality and the sensors in the phone to offer some new experiences.

Before we dive in, I have a challenge for you. See if you can figure out what I am trying to hint at throughout the overviews.

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After delay, Lenovo says the Tango-equipped Phab 2 Pro is now set to release on November 1st

It's been a long road for Project Tango, but it looks like the first consumer device will be here in less than a week. According to a badge on the Lenovo Store, the Phab 2 Pro will be available for purchase on November 1st, next Tuesday. The Phab 2 Pro is the first phone to feature Google's Tango 3D imaging technology, and it was initially set to release in September before being knocked back to a generic "November" release.

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Google's Project Tango gets an official gallery app on the Play Store

So far there are only two devices that officially support Google's neat-o Project Tango spatial detection technology: the original developer kit (no longer being sold) and the shiny new Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. The latter is set to release next month, so Google is preparing the way with a new first-party app, simply called "Tango." It's available as a free download in the Play Store right now, but without access to either the tablet or the phone, you won't be able to play around with it.

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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the first phone with integrated Project Tango, delayed to "fall"

Google's Project Tango, that awesome tech that allows a gadget to map out three-dimensional spaces, is really cool. But it's taking its damn sweet time getting here: Tango was first announced over two years ago and offered as a developer kit tablet last summer, and the first Tango-capable smartphone was supposed to arrive from Lenovo this month. That seems less than likely now - the store page for the Phab 2 Pro has been adjusted from "coming this summer" to "coming this fall."

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Lenovo's PHAB2 Pro Tango Phone And Two More PHAB2 Variants Leak In Full Ahead Of Announcement

Lenovo Tech World is going to kick off shortly, but the details of the company's big Tango phone announcement have apparently leaked. I don't just mean "big" in the abstract; this phone is really physically large with a 6.4-inch QHD display. The new leaked specs include a number of convincing new images that match the rumors that have come before. So, say hello to the PHAB2 Pro. Yeah, I guess that's really the name.

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