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[Update: Google shares network security tips] Internet tricksters hijack Chromecasts to promote PewDiePie

The internet-connected devices in our homes can make life more enjoyable, but they can also provide an in for internet ne'er-do-wells. A pair of jokers has undertaken a campaign of Chromecast hacking ostensibly to warn people about their vulnerability. Although, they're also promoting PewDiePie for some reason.

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Animal Super Squad is out on Android, and it shouldn't be missed

Thanks to a partnership between world-renowned YouTuber PewDiePie and the development studio DoubleMoose (the people behind Goat Simulator), the existence of a goofy physics-based adventure game called Animal Super Squad is a thing, and not only that, it's a thing we can all play on Android right now. If you are at all familiar with the gameplay of Donkey Kong CountryTrials, and Bridge Constructor Portal, then you will start to understand some of the components that make up this ridiculously hilarious release.

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