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Attention pet lovers: The new Dead Zebra Android Minis are for you

The Dead Zebra Android Minis have been a fixture of the Android community since the early days. There have been numerous blind box sets, as well as special editions to commemorate events or locations. There's a new special edition set today, and it's aimed at the pet lovers out there.

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Google Photos v3.14 may have dropped support for Jelly Bean, prepares to launch Favorites, teases Austin's Mysteryer feature [APK Teardown]

Version 3.14 of Google Photos just started rolling out a little earlier today. This one doesn't appear to have any new features or major changes, but it might possibly be leaving behind some older versions of Android. This update could also be preparing to launch the Favorites feature spotted in a previous teardown. Looking further into the APK's resources, there are also signs of more options related to Shared Libraries. And finally, Austin's Mysteryer feature takes yet another turn.

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Google Photos is rolling out identification and photo grouping for your dogs and cats

One of Google Photos' main selling points is how easily and accurately it can identify faces in photos and group them together. The face recognition is seriously impressive, and it saves a lot of time when you're looking in your library for pictures of a specific person. Now, as we first saw in a teardown, Google is rolling out the same feature for cats and dogs, allowing you to easily locate photos of your furry friends.

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Google Photos v3.7 ends ambiguity around Pixel 2's free original quality storage offer [APK Teardown]

Google launched a pretty cool promotion in 2016 with the offer to store every photo and video taken on Pixels at original quality. The same promotion will apply this year with the release of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but it now comes with a catch: The promotion expires in the year 2020.

Unfortunately, the phrasing of the new terms left room for interpretation, leaving many people concerned that all of their uploaded photos would suddenly count against their storage quota or may be converted to lower quality once the expiration date hit. Thanks to a teardown of the latest Google Photos update, we have definite confirmation that both your photos and your storage quota will remain safe and unmolested.

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Google Photos v3.6 prepares to identify your pets, bring your photos to life with Motion, and may hint that Lens is a temporary exclusive for Pixels [APK Teardown]


The latest update to Google Photos is starting to roll out to users, bringing the version up to 3.6. A run through the app hasn't turned up any brand new features, but there are some interesting things in the teardown. We can look forward to maximum cuteness as facial detection may be expanding to encompass our pets, even mixing them in with the faces of other people. There's also a new feature called Motion that promises to bring life to our images. And finally, there's a firm clue that Google Lens may actually turn out to be a temporary Pixel exclusive.

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Superfish's PetMatch Uses Your Camera To Pair You With The Pet Of Your Dreams

When it comes to looking for love, finding a match isn't always easy. This is true of people, and it applies to pets as well. Superfish's PetMatch app tries to cut down on the amount of time it takes to find a companion. Users open the app, snap a picture of the kind of dog or cat they're looking for, and peruse a list of similar ones just waiting for someone to come along and adopt them.

Superfish specializes in the development of image recognition software, and the company has come out with a couple of ways of utilizing this capability. WindowShopper (not available for Android) helps consumers find products similar to something they have a photo of, and PetMatch extends the concept to pets.

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[New App] Pet First Aid From The American Red Cross Teaches You How To Help Fido Before You Head To The Vet

Emergency care for cats and dogs is incredibly varied and requires years of learning and practice. But basic first aid is pretty much the same as it is for people, minus a few pounds and plus a little fur. So if your pet has an injury or mild illness you might be able to take care of it yourself, or at least mitigate further injury until you get to a veterinarian. Enter the Pet First Aid app from the American Red Cross.

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This app isn't quite so vital as the previous disaster-focused apps from the Red Cross, if only because of its subject matter, but it could be very helpful in a stressful situation.

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[New Game] Gameloft Teams Up With Hasbro To Launch Littlest Pet Shop With An Overdose Of Cute

Gameloft has figured out what's been missing from most of its recent games. No, it's not a business model that relies on something other than in-app purchases. Gameloft just hasn't been bringing enough cute to your phone. Well, they're setting that straight with Littlest Pet Shop, a game so overflowing with cute that you won't be able to resist giggling and clapping your hands like an 8 year-old girl.

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As we all know, the cuteness of animated characters is directly proportional to the size of their eyes. Gameloft has figured this out with Hasbro's help, which is why all 150 collectable pets in Littlest Pet Shop are undeniably adorable.

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Microsoft Continues To Show Android Love With Its First Game For Android: Kinectimals

When on{x} showed up as an Android exclusive from Microsoft, we figured it was just a fluke. Then Android got its own Xbox LIVE app straight from MS, and things got interesting. Now, Microsoft has launched its first Android game: Kinectimals. Sure, it's not Microsoft's most popular game, but it does show that the company is willing to take Android more seriously. Even at the risk of its own mobile OS.

kinectimals1 kinectimals2 kinectimals3

The game itself costs $2.99 on the Play Store. If you already own Kinectimals on the Xbox 360, this app will let you unlock five new animals on your console.

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