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Google Maps to get more personal with new 'For you' tab, place recommendations

Google wants to make Maps a more personal experience. The platform is getting some new features focused on highlighting places and activities Google's algorithms think you'll like, including a new "For you" tab that's an automatically-populated list of spots you might want to check out.

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SoundCloud introduces Suggested Tracks, starts recommending music based on your listening history

SoundCloud is filled with music, but how do you find stuff that you like? You can search around on your own, pull up stuff other people recommend, filter by genre, or stick with what's popular. All of these methods may or may not produce content that you actually want to listen to.

To address this, SoundCloud will now recommend tracks based on your listening history.

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YouTube Now Shoves Video Recommendations Into Notifications

Depending on which apps you install, your notification shade can feel like a warzone. Check this email. Read this text. Water your crops in this game. Your tank is full, so switch to another game and race.

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Pandora Hopes To Spice Up Your Listening Habits With Personalized Station Recommendations

An update has rolled out to the Pandora Android app that builds upon what made the Internet radio service popular to begin with - making it easier to discover new music. To this day, Pandora still has an uncanny way of serving out songs that fit a listener's tastes precisely, especially for those who have been tweaking their stations for years. But we are all creatures of habit, and it can be easy to still fall into a rut even with Pandora's helping hand. The newest update addresses this by providing up to six suggested artist stations to add to your lists.

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DIRECTV Updated To Version 2.5, Can Now Hear What You Want To Watch

Voice Search is everywhere these days. Google's expanding its Search app to pull contact information, Glass is controlled via voice commands, and iOS's Siri is now integrated with the Chevrolet Sonic. With the latest update to the DIRECTV app, customers can now use voice search to find out what's on television.


What's new in this version:

  • Just talk as you would to a person and the app finds what you’re looking for.
  • Search for programs by mentioning title, channel, keyword, actor, time frame, genre and more.
  • Switch to TV mode to see your dialogue and search results on your TV screen.
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[New App] Songkick Comes To Android, Creates Concert Calendars Based On Your Music Tastes And Location

Songkick is a fantastic service that helps avid concert fans track bands and concerts in their local area based on their music tastes. Well, now, the service is coming to Android with its shiny new app. Songkick can scan your music library, Google Music account, and artist to create a custom calendar of all the shows in your area you might like. Smart!

soundkick1 soundkick2 soundkick3

The app is extremely slick and appears designed with ICS in mind, which certain older apps have only just started to get on board with. So, it's nice to see this one start with the new UI out of the gate.

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