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Periscope adds support for replay highlights, broadcasts in embeded tweets, and autoplay in the Android app

Periscope is Twitter's popular live streaming platform, and today it's getting a few new features. Everyone will be able to enjoy automated highlight reels and easier embedded broadcasts, but Android users in particular will also get autoplay functionality in the Periscope app.

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YouTube v11.25 begins preparation for mobile live streaming [APK Teardown]

YouTube is going to earn a reputation as a service that doesn't let anybody else stomp on its territory. In a story that sounds entirely too similar to the launch of YouTube Gaming to combat the success of Amazon-owned Twitch, rumors started circulating a few months ago with the suggestion YouTube had started preparing for a head-on fight with mobile livestreaming services like Periscope. It was no surprise when a formal announcement was made last week confirming YouTube would add live streaming to its flagship mobile app. The latest update to v11.25 contains evidence this is either ready to go, or at least in the works.

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Twitter rolls out its in-app Periscope button to everyone

After an initial test back in May, Twitter has begun rolling out its new Periscope button to everyone on Android and iOS. When composing a tweet, users will now be greeted with a "Live" button within the media picker, serving as a shortcut to directly launch the Periscope app (or to download it if it isn't installed) and immediately begin live broadcasting to any audience.

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WSJ: Facebook Working On Dedicated Camera App For Still Photos And Live Video Streaming

Facebook wants you to share more - specifically, more photos and videos. With that in mind, the Wall Street Journal is today reporting that Facebook is working on a dedicated camera app to compete with the likes of Snapchat and Periscope, who are stealing the limelight away from Facebook's much-touted video platform.

The app would allow users to share photos to Facebook more easily and quickly than is currently possible - it's easy through Messenger, but sharing to your Timeline is a little more convoluted - plus stream live video with the tap of a button. Live video is of course new for Facebook, having launched on Android in February.

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Google Is Working On YouTube Connect, Aiming To Beat Periscope At Its Own Game

VentureBeat is claiming to have wind of a new app by YouTube, named 'Connect.' The app will reportedly be used for live-streaming, in much the same way as Periscope and Facebook. According to VentureBeat's sources, Connect has many of the same features as those two apps, including a 'news feed' to see which of your subscriptions are streaming or have shared video, and chat among users.

This marks the fourth YouTube spin-off app, following GamingMusic, and Kids. It's interesting to note that Connect will introduce a social element to the internet's go-to video service. While YouTube does have a subscription feed updated with videos from creators you subscribe to, it's a poor rendition of a true news feed à la Facebook.

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Periscope Introduces Support For Landscape Video Broadcasting

Periscrope is Twitter's app for broadcasting live streams. Something's happening. You pull out your phone, you turn on the camera, and you show the world what's going on. Or at least the people who come across your account.

Since launch, the app has only supported vertical videos. But enough people have scoffed at this idea that the team is now introducing the option to turn your phone sideways. Landscape recording is making its way into the latest Android and iOS versions of the app.

Other additions include showing a list of mutual followers to pick from when you start a private video stream.

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Twitter Launches Periscope, A Live-Streaming App That It Bought For Around $100 Million—But The Android Version Will Have To Wait

Periscope was born in February of 2014, and before launching a product, it attracted the attention of a number of investors. Then Twitter bought it for something resembling $100 million. The deal closed early this year, and now the two are ready to introduce Periscope to the public.

Unfortunately, the Android version will have to wait. This is an iOS-only launch.

Periscope1 Periscope2 Periscope3

So what is Periscope? It's like Twitter, but with video. Instead of sending out a message to your followers the moment something happens, you fire up a live video stream and invite them to come watch instead.

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