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Pebble Drops Price Of The Pebble Time To $149.99, Time Round To $199.99

It's time to drop some pebbles! I prefer to toss them into the nearest stream, but—


I've been informed that we're talking about prices. Pebble prices. Capital P.

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Pebble Introduces 'Pebble Health' Activity Tracking And Brings Timeline To Older Watches As Part Of Firmware 3.8

Part of the appeal of smartwatches is using them in place of a dedicated activity tracker. Pebble watches have had a number of third-party options available, but now Pebble is making a full effort of its own. The company has rolled out Pebble Health, watch software that tracks your steps and monitors your sleeping.

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Pebble Announces $249 Pebble Time Round, A Thin, Round Pebble With Color Display And... 2 Days Of Battery Life

Smartwatches are bulky - there's no getting around that. Even Apple, the very embodiment of tech's obsession with downsizing the z-axis of your products at all costs, can't make a thin smartwatch. Today, Pebble has decided that it can make a thin smartwatch, and that this watch can be round* (*with a massive, enormous bezel) and apparently that most of the company's claim to fame in smartwatches - battery life - really isn't super important after all. Meet the Pebble Time Round. It's a round Pebble Time that's just 7.5mm thin and, according to Pebble, will last 2 days on a charge.

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The Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Now Syncs With The Pebble Smartwatch Through Android

Are you cool enough to strap two wearables to your arms at once? The makers of the Misfit Shine fitness tracker think that you are. The company's new app for the Pebble family of smartwatches allows both devices to stay in sync, but it needs a smartphone in the middle (Android or iPhone) and apps for both the Misfit and the Pebble on the phone, too.

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dbrand's New Pebble Time Skins Add Some Much-Needed Flair To Your Watch [Sponsored Post]

Before there was Android Wear and the Apple Watch, there was Pebble. Honestly, it kind of started the whole smartwatch trend - sure, there were others before it, but Pebble was the first to really gain what could be described as popularity. In fact, it was the only watch dbrand offered skins for at first. At least until now.

Pebble's newest watch, Pebble Time, ditches the old-school black and white interface for a more modern, always-on, color display. This basically puts it on the same playing field as Android Wear and the Apple Watch. But you know what it has going for it that the others don't?

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Apple Is Rejecting Some Apps From The App Store For Declaring Pebble Watch Support - Things Don't Look Good For Android Wear On iOS

Remember that report that claimed Google was preparing to make the Android Wear platform compatible with iOS? Yeah, that might not go down as smoothly as you had hoped. There's still no official word on Wear for iOS, but the latest news out of the Apple camp has disturbing implications. According to one developer over on the official Pebble Watch forum, Apple is rejecting apps from its App Store simply for mentioning Pebble wearable support.


Apple's developer agreement forbids the mention of "any other mobile platform" in both the iOS App Store description and the metadata of the app itself.

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Quick Thoughts On Misfit: The Low Maintenance, Less Involved Activity Trackers And Platform

You can imagine that running around the CES show floor for someone who has been fascinated (as well as convinced and positively influenced) by wearable activity trackers felt like breaking free inside a candy factory. Dozens if not hundreds of brands were vying for everyone's attention and a share of the pie in the tiny wearable market, and I had to check most of the intriguing and known ones to see what they had to offer.  Among the hundreds of displays, from the companies I'd never heard of to the recognizable brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Withings, one surprised me the most: Misfit.

I knew the Indiegogo origin story of Misfit — which translated into skepticism in my mind —  and I'd read about its Shine tracker and simpler/cheaper Flash version, but I wasn't completely convinced by the quality nor the premise of the brand.

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Pebble Introduces The Pebble Time Steel And Smartstraps That Do More Than Simply Hold The Watch To Your Wrist

Pebble has received 12 million in pledges since unveiling its updated smartwatch, but as impressive as that is, it's not what I've come here to tell you. This time around, Pebble isn't waiting half a year to update its creation with a higher-end iteration. One week after kicking off the project, the company has followed up with a second version, the Pebble Time Steel.

Like the Pebble Steel before it, the Pebble Time Steel doesn't change the internals found in its plastic sibling, except for a larger battery, which will apparently provide this model with up to 10 days of use.

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New Pebble SDK v3.0 Now Available With Support For Pebble Time

The Pebble Time still has almost a month to get more pre-orders on Kickstarter, but it's already passed the $10 million mark, which is the record set by the first Pebble. In preparation for what is sure to be a big launch for the company, the new v3.0 update of Pebble's SDK is now available. Developers can start building apps for the Time, and they'll work with the regular Pebbles in the meantime.

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[It's Pebble Time] Pebble's New Smartwatch Reaches Over $10 Million In Kickstarter Funding With 29 Days Still To Go

When the time came to unveil its second generation smartwatch, Pebble returned to the crowdfunding site where everything began. Setting the bar low, the company only wanted $500,000 to call the Pebble Time project, the name of its new watch, a success. Within half an hour, it had already reached a million dollars. Now the project sits over $10.5 million with 29 days left to go.


Pebble played it smart with this campaign. Without having to part with a single device, the company has already attracted millions in funding and stirred up plenty of anticipation. Nearly 50,000 people have thrown money at the project thus far.

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