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This guy built a smartwatch from scratch, resurrecting the idea behind Pebble

At some point, someone decided that smartwatches have to be capable of replacing your phone. While that might work okay-ish on Apple's platform, it's a disaster over in the Android world – underpowered but battery-sucking Snapdragon chips meet poorly written software on Wear OS. With Pebble gone, there aren't many options left for people looking for a simple wearable that just shows them notifications. Wearable fan Samson March took matters into his own hands (literally) and created a smartwatch with a custom OS, custom design, and a battery life of one whole week that simply mirrors his iPhone's notifications, with no bells and whistles, all while open sourcing the entire project.

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Fitbit just paid $40 million to kill Pebble, hammering another nail in the smartwatch's coffin

You will hear many things about today's Pebble acquisition by Fitbit - that it was about software, firmware, engineers, intellectual property, or simply that Pebble was unable to continue on as it existed. The one examination you should take to heart, though, is that Fitbit just straight up wrote a check to kill a competitor. There's really not any other way to slice this deal from Fitbit's end: Pebble was competition, even if not necessarily in a big commercial sense these days, and this was an easy way to smother a company that had hogged much of the wearable limelight.

Fitbit even goes so far as to make expressly clear that they are not acquiring any assets or personnel related to Pebble's hardware division - only its software and firmware teams, and some intellectual property.

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[Update: Official] Bloomberg: Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core to be canceled as part of Fitbit buyout, Kickstarter pledges refunded

The Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2, and Pebble Core were introduced in May as part of a Kickstarter campaign that ended up getting over 66000 pledges and more than $12 Million in cash. However, since then, only the Pebble 2 has begun shipping to backers and the Time 2 that was slated for shipping in November is nowhere to be seen. Even the latest update by the team mentioned Time 2 units being EVT (Engineering Verification Testing units), but didn't say anything about a shipping date.

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Fitbit may be preparing to purchase Pebble, existing Pebble products will be phased out

Pebble is one of the best Kickstarter success stories. Predating the original Samsung Gear and Android Wear, Pebble's first fundraising campaign raised over $10 million and spawned multiple generations and models of e-paper wearables. But as many tech startups eventually do, Pebble is being acquired by wearable competitor Fitbit.

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[Deal Alert] Pebble Time Round is down to $113 ($84 off) on Amazon


The original Pebble predates Android Wear, and since the first model, the Pebble line has continued to improve and develop. One of their newest watches, the Pebble Time Round, has dropped in price significantly on Amazon. It's now only $113 for the Silver model on Amazon, almost half off from its original price of $199.

The Time Round has many of the features of their Pebble Time wearable, with the notable exception of having a circular screen. The watch has an always-on color e-paper display, giving it an estimated battery life of two days. It also has a step and sleep tracker, downloadable watchfaces, and of course the massive library of Pebble applications.

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Pebble Launches Kickstarter For Pebble 2, Time 2, And Core

We reported on Pebble's site yesterday, noting that it was teasing a big announcement, which we expected to be a watch. (Although we were kind of off on the shape of said new watch.)

Pebble's not launching just one watch, though: it's launching two, plus a whole new product. The two new watches are sequels to the Pebble and the Time. Predictably, they're called Pebble 2 and Time 2. slowclap.gif

Pebble 2


The Pebble 2 is a thinner, lighter version of the original Pebble watch that launched on Kickstarter four years ago. It looks pretty much like that watch, with the same sort of chunky but quite good-looking rectangular face and bezels.

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Pebble Teases Something Big On May 24th, Probably A New Watch

Pebble's fortunes have soured somewhat as more powerful wearable devices have hit the market, but now it's teasing a big announcement. On May 24th (tomorrow) at 10AM EDT, we'll get the details. What ever could it be? Since we're talking about Pebble, it could really only be a new version of the watch.

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[Deal Alert] Pebble Time Round Gets A Nice Discount To $144 ($56 Off) On Amazon

Pebble's unique smartwatch platform still has a few advantages over Android Wear and the like, particularly in battery life. And the latest version, the Pebble Time Round, is worth considering for anyone who was a fan of the original Pebble. It's considerably better-looking than the square Pebble Time (relatively large bezels notwithstanding), and the color screen and three-button interface are preserved. Today several of the Pebble Time models with leather straps have a generous discount over on Amazon.

Prospective buyers can pick up the black case + black strap model (20mm), black with red strap (20mm), or steel with tan strap (14mm) for $143.99, a $56 discount off of the retail price.

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[Deal Alert] Monoprice Has The Pebble Time Smartwatch For Under $100 (Plus Tax And Shipping) After Coupon

If Android Wear doesn't meet all your smartwatch needs, the Pebble series of devices is an impressive alternative... and it doesn't hurt that most of the time, it's the cheaper option. That's especially true today: discount online retailer Monoprice has the latest version of the platform, the Pebble Time, on sale. You can pick one up for just $97.99, plus shipping and local sales tax, when you apply the coupon code "AP20" at checkout. That's a discount of over fifty dollars compared to the retail price of the plastic model.

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