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PBS announces PBS KIDS Plug & Play streaming device

In a press release today, PBS KIDS has announced its own streaming stick. Much like the Android app it is able to pull live streamed content from the provider, which as of last year has a new 24-hour channel, as well as give kids access to more than 100 hours of recorded content. Parents that pick one up can rest easy knowing what their children are watching is going to be appropriate content.

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PBS Video App Updated With Support For Android TV

While Android TV doesn't enjoy the wide support that Chromecast gets, and its current app catalog can't hold a candle to competitors that have been in the market for much longer like Roku, it's slowly and surely getting better. The latest major network to offer an official Android TV app is PBS, the United States' government-funded Public Broadcasting Service. The free app is available to download on Android TV units now.

PBS Video uses the same Google Play Store listing as the phone and tablet version of the app, it's just been expanded to Android TV with additional API support. The app allows users free access to streaming some, but not all, of the channel's currently-running shows, plus segmented versions of NewsHour and Austin City Limits and at least some shows from local markets.

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PBS Video For Android Can Now Stream Full Episodes To Your Chromecast

The PBS Video Android app has gained support for a cheap little media stick that frees shows from mobile devices and sticks them on something bigger. This way users can go back to viewing shows like Frontline, NOVA, and PBS NewsHour the way they've been watching them for decades.

Chromecast support works the way you're likely already familiar with. You open up the app, you locate the icon in the top-right corner, you select the dongle you want to cast to, and you watch your show.


The adult PBS Android app gains Chromecast support nearly a year after the PBS Kids one did, but hey, parents are used to putting their children first.

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