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PayPal Android app updated with Xoom money sending features for 62 countries

Yesterday PayPal updated its Android app to take advantage of Xoom, a service that allows you to transfer money internationally. PayPal acquired Xoom back in 2015 and only began integrating Xoom's features into its own services late last year. With Xoom users can send money to people in over 62 countries via a few different means, including topping up prepaid phones. Anyone who may be regularly sending cash to friends or family abroad will likely welcome the new Xoom integration.

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PayPal integration in Android Pay is going live

PayPal integration in Android Pay has been a long time coming. We first spotted it in a teardown back in January, and an official announcement came last month. Now the feature appears to be going live, at least for some users.

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PayPal is adding Venmo as a payment option

PayPal has revealed today that it will be adding Venmo as an option during checkout. For now, it will be opt-in for users of Venmo and will manifest itself with the same convenience as PayPal. During the checkout process, users will be able to select Venmo with no changes required by sellers. There is no additional cost to the customer or retailer to use Venmo over PayPal.

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Wells Fargo has announced support for PayPal NFC payments

Paypal announced in early 2016 a desire to return to the idea of NFC payments in the wake of Apple and Google's success. Earlier this morning, PayPal announced the ability to link it to Android Pay, so you could at least use your PayPal funds over NFC that way. Now Wells Fargo has announced they're rolling out support for PayPal customers to link and pay using NFC. It looks like PayPal has NFC on the mind.

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Android Pay and PayPal join forces to open new doors for contactless payments

2017 is turning out to be quite the year for Android Pay. Not only have we seen more banks added, but also some really interesting integration with a few select mobile banking apps. Now, PayPal is about to join in, which is fantastic.

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PayPal Here adds fingerprint authentication support

I'm sure we all know PayPal by now - internet payments, used for eBay purchases, fees added, etc. PayPal Here, however, might be a little less well-known; it is a card reader for businesses to get paid on an Android device instead of a card reader. In a move to ensure security, the app has been updated with fingerprint support, following its addition in the parent app back in August last year.

The app does not allow screenshots to be taken with it open, so I've had to resort to taking pictures of the phone with the app on screen.

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PayPal adds support for cash deposits via PayPal Cash at 7-Eleven locations

So you've got a big wad of dough, but cash is so early 2000s. It's all about digital currency, NFC, and other fancy digital stuff. You could swing by the bank to deposit the cash... or you can dump it right into your PayPal using PayPal Cash. That process just got easier with the addition of 7-Eleven to the list of supported retailers in the latest app update.

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PayPal releases PayPal Business, fulfilling small business needs like account and invoice management

In its quest to make running a small business easier, PayPal has revealed its latest app called PayPal Business. It offers a lot of features that entrepreneurs will find helpful when trying to stay on top of their accounts while mobile.

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PayPal Will End Purchase Protection Refunds For Crowdfunding Backers, Because Duh

Have you ever been part of a crowdfunding campaign gone wrong? No doubt some of you have, and some of you may well have contributed to such campaigns through PayPal for a reason that, until now, made it quite handy in the event of such a misfortune: purchase (formerly buyer) protection. PayPal's purchase protection basically is a "guarantee" that if you buy something through PayPal and never receive it, PayPal will reimburse you the cost of your purchase. So, instead of making you play a never-ending dispute resolution game of cat and mouse with an unresponsive - or in this case, likely non-liquid-asset-possessing - seller, you just get the money back, and PayPal can choose to go after the merchant.

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