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Venmo rolling out new design so you can pay or request in fewer taps

PayPal-owned Venmo is rolling out a new paintjob for its app, cutting down on its signature blue for more white and making it easier to get to paying or requesting money.

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Facebook isn't all bad, brings in $1 billion for charities via fundraising tools

When a company has the reputation that Facebook has, it's unsurprising that it will want to point to anything positive it does when the opportunity arises. Today, the company has announced that its fundraising tools have been responsible for more the $1 billion making its way to various charitable causes.

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PayPal integration with Google Pay is rolling out in Germany

Google Pay has come a long way in the last few years, with tons of banks and financial institutions now supported in many countries. An integration with PayPal was also announced last year, giving users even greater options, but it's only been available in the US. If you live in Germany, you'll be pleased to hear it's now rolling out to you too.

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[Update: APK Download] PayPal mobile app now focused on sending money to friends


PayPal will soon integrate across all of your Google services with a single sign-in

PayPal's partnership with Google is "deepening" (as the company puts it) to allow making PayPal payments simpler across Google's multiple products. Soon, adding PayPal as a payment method to one Google service — Google Pay, the Play Store, YouTube, et cetera — will make it available on all of Google's services, including, for the first time, Google Pay Send.

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Nine months after announcement, PayPal support rolling out for Samsung Pay

Back in July of last year, Samsung announced that its home-baked payment system, Samsung Pay, was adding PayPal as a payment method. Nine months later Samsung seems to be making good on that declaration. We've received reports that people are finally seeing the option to add a PayPal account as a form of payment in Samsung Pay.

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You can now add your PayPal Business Debit Mastercard to Android Pay

It's been a long time coming, but it appears that you can now add your PayPal Business Debit Mastercard to Android Pay. That means holders of this debit card can finally enjoy that sweet unlimited 1% cash back on eligible purchases when making contactless payments with their Android smartphone.

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PayPal launches "Money Pools" to collect money from groups of people

PayPal has launched a new crowdfunding-type service called Money Pools, which enables users to set a fundraising goal, and share a page describing the nature of the fundraiser with friends. PayPal suggests using money pools for group gifts, planning trips, special events like baby showers, or collecting money for someone in need. Chances are it will be used predominately for the latter, as almost half of the $2 billion raised on GoFundMe has been for medical expense fundraisers. Pages can be shared through email, social media, or messaging apps.

The payment processing is handled securely, as is to be expected from PayPal.

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You can now send money in Skype conversations via PayPal

Skype and PayPal have announced a new integration that allows users to transfer money to each other. The Send Money feature means you'll no longer have to leave a Skype conversation when money needs to be exchanged – paying off debts will be just a swipe away.

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