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1Password For Android Hits Version 6.0, Gets Redesigned And Fingerprint Reader Support

Password protection is no joke, and if you can remember all of your passwords, then you're doing something wrong. The most likely option is that you're using the same password (or a few variations) across every site on the web. That's not a thing anyone should do.

Thankfully there are apps like 1Password to help you out with the whole password thing — no one should have to remember 1600 different passwords, and keeping them stored in a note-taking document is basically a terrible idea. Locking them up in a vault is the only way to go.

With the most recent update, 1Password's vault just got a lot better, too.

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[Deal Alert] PasswordBox Lifetime Memberships Available For Just $9.99 From StackSocial

Hey, do you remember the time when we posted about that really awesome password manager that could automatically log into most of your apps and websites with just one tap? Just like that other password manager, you could pay the annual subscription fee of $12 for unlimited storage, that's a decent option... But what if I told you that StackSocial is offering lifetime memberships to PasswordBox for just $9.99? I think you might have a hard time passing that up!

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 3.48.06 AM

That's right, you can pick up a permanent membership to PasswordBox for $2 below the cost of a regular yearly subscription.

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LastPass Updated To Version 3.2 With Automatic Password Entry For Apps And Chrome Browser

Few -if any- password managers have gained a following quite like LastPass. It's secure, extensively cross-platform, and easy to use. When up-and-coming competitor PasswordBox hit the scene last month with the ability to insert login credentials directly into native apps, it left many LastPass users anxiously requesting the same feature. The wait is finally over as LastPass for Android has been updated to enable automatic fill-in for apps and Chrome.


LastPass blocks screenshots within the app, thus the photos


Like PasswordBox, LastPass is using the Accessibility Services API in Android to enable automatic fill-in. Each app gets a mapping between your data and the text fields to ensure account names and passwords go into the right places.

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Looking For An Easy Way To Log In To Sites/Apps On Your Mobile Device? Check Out PasswordBox's New One-Tap Login Feature

I only know one password: my master password for LastPass. There's absolutely no possible way I could ever memorize all the passwords I have across various sites on the internet (well, maybe I could, but I don't want to). Simply put, password managers are a godsend.

If you're not into LastPass for whatever reason (or just looking for something new), it may be time to check out PasswordBox. It's basically on par with LP when it comes to price ($12/ year) and having you covered across multiple devices (Android app and Chrome extension), but as of the most recent update to the Android app, it also boasts a feature that LastPass can't hold a candle to: one-tap logins.

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