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NordPass is a next-gen password manager that keeps the keys to your digital life safe, secure, and accessible (Sponsored)

Now that your entire digital life — both personal and professional — is confined to your home, it's more tempting than ever to leave your passwords laying around on a notepad or an unlocked spreadsheet for easy access. However, even if you rarely leave your house, failing to protect these critical credentials could result in breeched accounts that compromise your data. Keep the keys to your digital life safe, secure, and accessible with NordPass, a next-generation password manager for all the ways you work and play online.

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Dashlane beta adds support for Android 11's keyboard-based autofill method

Google revealed a revamped API for autofill services in Android 11, hooking right into supported keyboards like Gboard. We already saw what this looks like for Google's own password manager and 1Password, but now Dashlane is also working on making its product compatible with the new API. The password management tool's latest beta already allows you to autofill right through the keyboard on Android 11.

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Dropbox adds computer backups, a secure vault, and password management

Even with memory cards and USB drives, there comes a time when you run out of local storage. Dropbox is one of the most popular ways to keep stuff in the cloud, and today the company has released a new set of features including computer backups, a PIN-protected Vault, and a password manager.

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Android 11 will make password autofill much better thanks to keyboard integration

Android has offered native autofill since Android 9 Pie, but despite that being an official method, actually filling out passwords and addresses is sometimes wonky, and phones often need a few seconds to recognize password entry fields. Google wants to improve that experience with Android 11 and has introduced a new autofill method that integrates with your keyboard, be it Gboard or a third-party app.

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Dropbox fully rolling out mobile dark theme, password manager, spins off document scanner into iOS app

Dropbox is shaking up the dog days of this summer of working from home with the deployment of a few features that have been in beta for what feels like forever. Plus, it's also spinning off its documenting scanning feature into an app and introducing a file transfer service with separate quotas to users' cloud storage.

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Dropbox begins rolling out pricey family plan following massive feature update

Dropbox has finally fessed up to beta testing a new password manager app. That's just one of several service improvements it announced today that will enhance ease of use and security. But the one that takes the cake today is the ability to sync selected folders from the desktop.

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Dropbox is working on its own password manager

Dropbox just unceremoniously dumped a brand new app on the Play Store with no fanfare or formal announcement. The new Dropbox Passwords app, according to its listing, is a password manager available exclusively in an invite-only private beta for some Dropbox customers.

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Myki password manager adds face unlock on the Pixel 4

Password managers and 2FA apps are a personal affair. From cloud to self-hosting to offline, there are different approaches that try to balance out convenience and security, and every one of us will end up weighing those differently and picking what works for them. I used Enpass for several years, but for the past 18 months or so, I found myself gravitating toward Myki. Now the app has finally added Android 10's biometrics API in v1.27, which means it supports face unlock on the Pixel 4.

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Firefox Preview 4.0 published with top sites, password manager, and in-app language switcher (Update: APK Download)

Mozilla has been working on a brand-new version of Firefox for Android for a long time now, and it looks like the company is doing its best to get the pre-release software ready for the stable launch. The latest version of Firefox Preview, 4.0.0, adds comfort features such as top sites, Mozilla's password manager, and an in-app language switcher.

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