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Parrot releases Android app for Bebop-Pro Thermal drone

Parrot isn't a company that specializes in drones, but it does make some pretty good ones. The company has just released an app called FreeFlight Thermal, which is the official companion application to the Bebop-Pro Thermal drone, which uses the FLIR One Pro camera that we reviewed earlier this year.

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Parrot announces the Bebop 2 Power, including two 30min batteries and new FPV goggles

While I may be more interested in the rather stunning-looking Zik wireless headphones, Parrot has also gained a reputation for making very good consumer drones, and the company has just announced an upgrade to its most premium model. The Bebop 2 Power can fly for longer than its predecessor, takes smarter photos, and now comes in a stealthy black paint job.

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Parrot announces two new drones, the Parrot Swing and Parrot Mambo

Are you in the market for some new drones? Even if you're not, Parrot's new releases are still worth taking a look at. Parrot, maker of various wireless products and drones, has released two new models - the Parrot Swing and Parrot Mambo.

The Parrot Mambo is close to your typical quadcopter drone, but with a few extra goodies. You can attach a cannon to the top of the Mambo to take down your friends' drones, try to aim the balls into a goal, or continuously fire the balls at the back of your friend's head.

If firing tiny balls isn't your thing, you can also attach a grabber arm to the bottom of the Mambo.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Offers The First-Gen Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones For $100 (Half Off, White Only)

In the market for some high-end Bluetooth headphones? Amazon has you covered, at least for the next few hours. US shoppers can buy the Parrot Zik noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones for $99.99, which is half off of the current price. There are a couple of caveats, though: at the time of writing only the somewhat gaudy gold-on-white version is on sale, and these are the first-gen design, not the more recent (and much more expensive) second or third generation. David reviewed this version three years ago.

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Verizon Will Offer $200 To Switch And Buy Certain Phones, $100 Off Select Devices, The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite For $250, And Various Discounted Accessories This Black Friday

Black Friday, or Black Thursday Evening, is only several days away. You're probably not thinking of making the Verizon store your first destination, but the Big Red wants your money just like everyone else. If you find prices particularly off putting throughout the rest of the year, this may be the one time to pay the carrier's site and retail stores a visit.

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Parrot Decides Its Crazy-Complex, Probably Crazy-Expensive Android Auto Head Unit Is Too Complex, Expensive For You To Buy

Back in January at CES 2015, French tech company Parrot announced an Android Auto head unit to end all Android Auto head units. At least, that's what it looked like. Parrot never announced pricing or availability for the RNB6 (catchy name!), and all news about it pretty much fell to the wayside post-show. To be fair, this happens frequently with Parrot products - the company uses trade shows to gauge interest in what are, essentially, working prototypes, and then decides whether or not they're worth making.

The RNB6, Parrot has concluded, is not the sort of thing they want to sell to consumers.

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Parrot Announces The Lollipop-Powered RNB6 Head Unit With Support For Android Auto (And Carplay)

Parrot usually arrives at CES with a swarm of consumer-oriented drone aircraft, but this year it's also showing off the RNB6. What is the RNB6? It's an in-dash head unit running its own version of Android 5.0, but it also has support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Is Just $169.99 ($130 Off) At Woot, Today Only

Android aviation enthusiasts, you've got a rare opportunity to get a sweet discount on a refurbished model of Parrot's full-sized AR Drone today. The 2.0 edition of the quadcopter that uses your phone or tablet as a controller is just $169.99 on Woot's Sellout mini-site, a full $130 off of the retail price. The deal is open for the rest of the day, until midnight Central US time, or until they run out of magical flying robots.


The AR Drone has quickly become a favorite among amateurs and enthusiasts thanks to its easy setup, piloting, and remote camera view. The 2.0 edition of the toy uses a 720p onboard camera and an expanded battery compared with the original, though the ~10-minute runtime is bested by the slightly newer Elite Edition.

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[New App] Parrot Releases FreeFlight 3 Control App For Its Jumping Sumo And Rolling Spider MiniDrones

Remember those awesome mini-drones that Parrot showed off at CES way back in January? It looks like the Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo are on sale now, at Brookstone and the Apple Store at least, for $100 and $160 respectively. And if you bought the drone, you'll want something to control it with. Enter the FreeFlight 3 app, made specifically for controlling Parrot's new toys. It's a free download, though you'll need an Android 4.0 device to install it.

The Rolling Spider is the little flying drone, which carriers a pair of wheels on its chassis that are light enough to fly with.

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[Deal Alert] Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Hits New Low Price On Amazon At $236.87 ($63 Off), Elite Edition For $249.99 ($50 Off)

Your phone does not have four spinning rotor blades that allow it to fly around and shoot 720p video, but the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 does those things as an extension of your phone. This gizmo costs a pretty penny, but the price has dropped considerably on Amazon. It's just $$236.87 with Prime shipping for the standard version, and $249.99 for the elite edition.

2014-05-29 _ Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone,

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