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Off-Topic: This Hilarious Grand Theft Auto Parody Of Google's Self-Driving Car Will Start Your Day Off Right

The off-topic tag doesn't get a lot of use here at AP, but why have it if we aren't going to let it stretch its legs once in a while? I thought I'd start off the morning with a video I found particularly hilarious. Everyone knows about Google's self-driving, steering wheel-less car. It's adorable and, ostensibly, the future. But this GTA V parody of a news station's "first ride" clip from the car's public debut had me in absolute stitches, it's the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.

Just a bit of light, pedestrian-striking humor to get your day started. It's all in good fun, though; technological breakthroughs are worthy of the occasional well-intentioned mocking.

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YouTube Offers To Protect Some Legitimate Fair Use Videos From Frivolous DMCA Claims, Including Possible Court Costs

Editor's note: the first three paragraphs of this story are a brief primer on fair use in US copyright law and the complications created by the DMCA. Skip down if you're already familiar with this stuff.

The United States copyright system has a series of protections for citizens who want to use video, audio, text quotes, and other copyrighted material in legitimate ways. These are generally called fair use exemptions: they're why Saturday Night Live can make a parody of Jeopardy or The Big Bang Theory without the fear of CBS suing them for copyright infringement, or why a movie reviewer can use clips of the movie in his video critique.

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Stephen Colbert Goes On The Offensive Against Google Search And Fights For Every Inch

American political satirist and future host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert is five feet, eleven inches tall, ever so slightly taller than the average United States male. Allegedly - we've only got his truthy word for it. So when Colbert Googled himself on the toilet and found that the search engine's automatically-generated answer to the question of his height was a mere 5'10", he became upset. In the way only he can, which is to say, immediately suspecting a conspiracy to bring him down from the lofty height of 71 inches to merely 70.


After Colbert challenged Google and its 5'11" CEO Larry Page to modify the results, then repeated his challenge on Twitter in nautical miles...

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[New Game] Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer Lets You Play The Assistant To Mobile Gaming's King Of Candy Attorneys

Quick, what's the most hated company in mobile gaming today? If you answered EA, Zynga, or Gamevil, well, you might be right. But the answer I was looking for was "King," creator of Candy Crush Saga and two of the most ridiculous copyright stories in recent memory. After the company trademarked the word "Candy" in all applications for video games and apparel, a few cheeky developers decided to risk the wrath of King's lawyers and release candy-themed apps on iOS and Android. Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer takes a (slightly) more subtle approach to its parody.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Intern Saga comes from The Men Who Wear Many Hats, creators of the equally quirky Organ Trail.

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Manos: The Hands Of Fate, The World's Worst Movie, Is Now An 8-Bit Platform Game And It's Awesome!

In the mid 60s, a man named Harold P. Warren set out to prove that making horror films is not difficult and, with a budget of $19k and a script written on a napkin, he got to work. What followed is, far and away, one of the worst pieces of cinema ever to be recorded. Yes, worse than Gigli or Cool As Ice. You think those are bad? Amateurs. While the film not only bombed in 1966, it continues to bomb to this day. An appearance on Mystery Science Theater 3000 prevented this atrocity from disappearing into obscurity, and since then the fandom hasn't stopped, as evidenced by what might just be the greatest platform game since the original Mario Brothers.

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Samsung's Newest "Next Big Thing" Ad Is Just Like Last Year's Model, But Slightly Bigger

Last year, Samsung revolutionized parodies of revolutions. Now, they've revolutionized the revolutionizing of making fun of revolutionizing revolutions. The Korean manufacturer has released the newest iteration of its "Next Big Thing" series of ads. This model has 50% more runtime than last year's model. New features include "the iPhone is for your parents," "we've had 4G for a while," and the totally not subtext-laden "my screen is bigger than your screen."

The new 90-second spot will be available tonight on national TV. No word yet on whether the ad will be compatible with current consumer biases, or if users will have to upgrade their snark to take the commercial seriously.

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The Comeback: HTC EVO 4G VS iPhone 4 Parody Video, This Time From Apple's Side (Battery Jokes - Check)

Earlier this morning we posted a hilarious video made by tinywatchproductions depicting an average iPhone user fanboy - the one who mindlessly gobbles up everything Steve and AT&T say and buys every iPhone just because it's an iPhone. Admit it - you know a few people like that.

Now in a comeback video, the same tinywatchproductions came up with a few things an iPhone user could counter with in a conversation with a mindless EVO 4G fan (do those exist?). This video is done in the same machine text-to-speech voiceover format as the first one, which makes it so funny.

Mac VS Windows next please?

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EPIC iPhone 4 VS HTC EVO 4G Parody Video [Warning: Foul Language - But So, So Good] #Apple #Fail

I resisted watching it for a long time after seeing it at the top of Reddit but @Eugene_373's tweet finally forced me to:

iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G

And now I can't not post it, because it is truly epic (I know, the word is overused but watch it first).

Without further ado, allow me to present to you iPhone 4 VS HTC EVO 4G (warning: blabla, cursing, blabla - don't watch it too loud at work).

If you can't see the video, click the post title to go to the individual post page - it will be there.

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