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Google Pay now accepted for Passport parking payments in Austin

Passport, one of the nation's largest vendors for pay-by-phone parking technology, has announced an integration with Google Pay that's now being trialed in Austin, Texas. Users will be able to find a link to the Google-branded payment site right from the Google Maps app.

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BART rolling out in-app payments for daily parking starting with 5 stations

As a Bay Area-based website, this story might be a bit inside baseball to a lot of you, but screw it, Silicon Valley is The Best Valley. And if you work around here, you probably know what parking at a BART station lot is like — if you're not on the EZ Rider program, it's rather time-consuming. Fortunately, the official BART app has just been updated to support in-app payments for Daily Fee parking at five stations right now.

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Waze and SpotHero team up to help you find your pre-booked parking spot

Waze is slowly but sustainably turning into a hub for everything related to your car journey. You can control playback from your preferred music apps right inside the navigation interface, and about a year ago, Waze was integrated into Android Auto. Wednesday, Waze and SpotHero announced a cooperation that allows SpotHero users to use Waze to navigate to their pre-booked parking lots with one tap.

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Google Assistant can automatically remember where you've parked for you

I'm the kind of guy that likes to rely on technology to get things done, especially if it can do a better job than me. When I park somewhere, I usually don't bother trying to remember my way back, but instead, memorize what venues are around to get there using Maps. Of course, being the forgetful person that I am, there are times when I simply can't recall where I left my car, but thankfully, I can use its app to navigate back to it. Unfortunately, not all vehicles have such a functionality, including the rental I had last month... Fortunately, I remembered to save my parking location in Maps before walking away; but even though this is an effortless task, you still need to think about doing it.

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FYI: Google Maps can suggest parking spots near your destination

It can be tough to pinpoint when specific features go live, given Google's penchant for silently flipping switches and subsequent, months-later announcements. In this case, we know Maps has been prepping for near-route parking since early last year, and some time between then and now, (likely around the beginning of this year) that switch was flipped for at least some of us. So, in case you weren't aware, Maps can suggest spots to park while en route to your destination.

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Google Maps v9.70 beta enables adding and removing visited places, prepares to display showtimes and sell tickets, continues work on shortcuts, and much more [APK Teardown]

Google Maps has a new beta peeking out on devices. After a great deal of poking around, the list of changes for the interface is pretty sparse, but as always, there's a ton to discuss from the teardown. There's more from the home screen shortcuts, showtimes with ticket sales, detail fields for food photos, and way more.

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Google Maps v9.51 beta adds new details about parking, prepares to improve route planning with parking suggestions and traffic charts [APK Teardown + Download]

It's time for another update to Google Maps. Like so many other version bumps, this one includes a couple of great gifts to get users where they want to go. The focus of this release appears to be directed at parking. There are now indicators to show if there is on-site parking and whether it's free or paid. The theme continues into the teardown with a feature that will help drivers plan to find parking near their destination before getting there.

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Maps v9.50 beta restores the feature to save and share parking locations [APK Download]

The Maps team made quite a few people happy with the launch of a long-awaited location sharing feature that actually meets the rigorous expectations of even the most demanding users. However, around the same time that location sharing was added, v9.42 rolled out to some users and mysteriously removed the ability to save your parking location that was added only a couple of weeks ago. Version 9.50 just started rolling out this morning and it brings back the parking marker and associated features.

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Google Maps v9.49 beta adds a manual parking location tracker, weather indicator for mass transit navigation, and more [APK Download + Teardown]

It's always good to see useful new features in the apps we use often, and Google Maps rarely fails to bring something new with every update. The latest bump to v9.49 is no different. This release adds a few new toys for users to enjoy. There's a new capability to manually save your parking location so it's easier to get back to your car, weather predictions for your destinations while setting up navigation, and more. There's even a quick teardown that shows search results will soon support sorting.

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PayByPhone's app enters the 21st century with a big modern redesign and Android Pay support

Current Android standards have changed massively in the last few years, going from the days of no real design language in Gingerbread, to Holo in Ice Cream Sandwich, to material in Lollipop. It's startling, then, to see an app that has been languishing in the dark ages get a big update. PayByPhone, a leading pay-with-phone parking app, has just been updated with a major redesign and Android Pay support, giving it a much needed boost into this era of app design.

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