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[Hands-on] Facebook Messenger Kids comes to Amazon's Fire tablets

Facebook has released its new Messenger Kids app to the Amazon App Store, making the service available to owners of its Fire line of tablets. So I grabbed one of the Fire 7 tablets we have for our kids and installed the app to see what it was all about, and just how well it works on Amazon's lowest-end hardware.

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You Can Now Adhere A TempTraq Bluetooth Thermometer To Your Child's Armpit All Day Long For $25

Connecting things to your phone using Bluetooth makes them smart. We know this buy now (by*, sorry, easy mistake). Tech companies have been feeding us this concept long enough for our bodies to digest it. And when they start to heat up from an adverse reaction, fortunately there's a smart gadget out there that can let us know. Blue Spark's TempTraq Bluetooth thermometer is now available for purchase. You can snag one for $25.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 at 11.48.06 AM

We've covered the TempTraq before, back when the product was still undergoing FDA review. Six months later, here we are. I should take this moment to point out that the TempTraq is hardly the first Bluetooth-connected thermometer.

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Facebook Introduces 'Scrapbooks,' A New Way For Parents To Tag And Organize Pictures Of Their Kids

One thing that Facebook has not been well-equipped to deal with is children. No, I don't mean teenagers. Most users are familiar with the barrage of photos that accompany each birth in the family of a Facebook friend, which often involves a mess of tagging of one or both parents in every baby photo. For parents themselves, they struggle sorting out photos of their sons and daughters unless they just dedicate albums to the children specifically. Now, Facebook is rolling out an optional set of features to make the process smoother for all involved.


Facebook is showing their devotion to inclusivity by even serving the children of iPhone owners.

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