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[Pipe Dream]'s 404 Page Not Found is a fun and cute pipe game

If you head over to*, you'll achieve two things: one, you get to tell Google in no uncertain terms that our site is the absolute best evar™ and two, you will get rewarded with a super cool 404 page and a game.

The error message suggests other pages for you to check then offers, "no thanks, I'd rather Play" as an option. Tap that and you'll load a super fun and cute pipe game where Androids launch pink donuts, blue jelly beans, or white marshmallows into the field and you have to rotate the glass pipes to land the desserts in the correct colored pipe.

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Here Are The 20 Best "404 Page Not Found" Contest Design Entries - Vote For Your Favorites

Taking a break from our regular social giveaways, last week we announced a creative contest to see which one of our readers can come up with the most creative 404 Page Not Found page for the site and in exchange win a brand new T-Mobile G2x Tegra-powered phone from NVIDIA.

Throughout the contest, I found myself absolutely blown away by some of your submissions, finding it harder and harder to decide who presented the best design. Now that I've sorted all 140 or so entries and selected the 20 best ones, I'm going to let all of you help us decide instead.

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