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Google is now providing padded boxes instead of flimsy envelopes for trade-ins

When Google started its recent trade-in program, the most common gripe was that the packaging provided by the company was seen as insufficient protection for your phone. In fact, there were multiple reports of devices being damaged in transit as a result of the flimsy envelopes. Well, that shouldn't be a problem anymore, as Google has now switched to padded boxes. 

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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Status bar icons are now rounded and have padding on the left and right

Google had rounded status bar icons in its phones' marketing materials for the Pixel, though the devices came with regular, squared-off icons in reality. But with the introduction of 8.1, we're finally getting legitimately rounded icons in the status bar, even if the change is extremely hard to notice. There's also now padding on the left and right sides of the status bar icons, regardless of whether it's necessary for your particular device.

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