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OxygenOS 2.1 Is Now Rolling Out To The OnePlus 2 With Manual Camera Mode, Customizable Color Balance, And More

The build of OxygenOS that shipped on the OnePlus 2 is good, but it's still very light on features compared to Cyanogen OS. The OTA update announced today should improve things a bit, though. There are some changes to the camera, display, and the usual smattering of bug fixes.

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OnePlus Sets Dates For The One's Lollipop Update: OxygenOS On March 27th, CyanogenMod On March 30th

Owners of the OnePlus One tend to be among the most dedicated (read: rabid) Android fans out there - they have to be, since it still takes no small amount of legwork to actually buy the phone. That being the case, those owners have waited a long time for the final, official update to Android 5.0. They won't have to wait much longer: an official OnePlus representative told members of the company forum that the updates will begin on March 27th, just a little over a week from now.


First up is the in-house OxygenOS ROM developed by the new OnePlus software division (including members of the popular Paranoid Android community ROM development team).

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