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Outlook App Updated To Version 2.0 With A Few Material Design Visual Tweaks And Not Much Else

Microsoft isn't wavering in its laudable multi-platform support - at this point the company is beating out both Apple and Google in its support for customers on all mobile operating systems. The free mobile version of Outlook first came to the Play Store earlier this year. It's advanced to version 2.0 after a few months, and the developers have added... actually, not much. Certainly not that Sunrise Calendar integration that users of the abandoned app are probably looking for.

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Microsoft Android App Gets New UI, Real Features, No Longer Looks Like It Shipped With Donut

Last November, Microsoft released an 'app' for Android. I say 'app,' because it was only one in the strictest sense of the word. It was functional (barely), but it was also absolutely disgusting to look at, didn't do push email, and generally kind of sucked. The new app appears to suck much less, especially in the visual sense.

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It has a completely redesigned don't-call-it-Metro UI look, push email, calendar and contact sync, and conversation view mode.

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