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T-Mobile's outage explained: A single circuit failure that led to an 'IP traffic storm'

Following the outage on June 15th, which drew both anxiety and anger from both customers and regulatory officials alike, T-Mobile's Neville Ray has detailed what precisely went wrong with its network. It turns out, a single leased circuit from a third-party provider in a specific area was to blame, but the problem quickly spiraled into a network-wide overload.

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T-Mobile's network outage has resolved

A massive outage affecting T-Mobile's network has resolved overnight, with President of Technology Neville Ray claiming that service was finally fully restored around 1AM ET, following almost a day of widespread issues. Though reports came in for issues on all three big US carriers, AT&T and Verizon claim their networks were operating as usual.

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Nest has returned from yet another service outage

If you're having trouble connecting to your Nest Cam's live feed, adjust your Nest Thermostat, or set up a new Nest product right now, you aren't alone. The service is suffering (another) partial outage as we speak. Although cameras appear to be coming back, thermostats are still out.

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Google's service outage today was caused by... a router failure (Updated)

Reports have started to flood in that several Google services, including Gmail, Nest, YouTube, Drive, and even Search, are down for many. Outages appear to be mostly affecting the eastern US, though not everyone is affected.

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Massive Robinhood outage prevents users from trading stocks during the largest Dow surge since 2009 (Update: Compensation)

The Dow has been on a rollercoaster of a ride, suffering last week from its worst decline since 2008 before rebounding a record 5% this past Monday. While traders have rejoiced the quick turnaround, users of the popular stock trading app Robinhood are furious over a major service outage that has prevented them from trading stocks during this pivotal time.

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Google apologizes for recent Nest camera outage, says video history wasn't collected (Update: Refunds)

If you noticed your Nest camera systems were on the blink yesterday, February 24, you weren't alone. A widespread outage affected a large number of users and caused cameras to completely stop working, which is naturally very concerning for people who rely on them to help them feel secure in their homes. Thankfully, all should be back to normal by now.

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(Update: Coming back online) Google Nest is down for many people worldwide

Even the biggest companies on the internet can't guarantee an uptime of 100%, and it seems like Nest is especially prone to outages this time of the year around. That's right — Google's smart home servers are currently not reachable for many people worldwide.

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[Update: Fixed] Google services experiencing lingering login issues following Gmail disruption


Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all experiencing global media outage

Every few months or so, Facebook's servers seemingly decide to take a nap. This time around, the core services themselves (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) are still up, but people around the world are complaining about images and other media not being able to load.

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[Update: Coming back online] It's not just you: Netflix is down right now for many

If you've been unable to get on Netflix tonight to watch your shows and movies, you're not the only one. The streaming service seems to be down globally on the web, meaning that everyone, myself included, will have to do something actually productive with your time. Or you can just watch with your phone or tablet, as mobile seems unaffected.

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