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Out There: Oceans of Time is the next sci-fi roguelike from Mi-Clos Studio, coming to Android in 2020

Back in March of 2014 our own Ryan Whitwam took the original release of Out There for a spin, and he came away impressed with the fledgling sci-fi roguelike. Eventually, the game was reworked to improve its graphics and add extra content. This version is known as Out There: Ω Edition, and the developer Mi-Clos Studio has announced that its sequel will be coming to Android in the winter of 2020. This title is known as Out There: Oceans of Time, and supposedly it will offer a much more ambitious game that brings along many new features to the series.

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Out There Review: I've Never Been So Happy To Be So Perilously Close To Death

If there's one thing I can say for Out There, it's that this title does not sugar coat the harsh reality of space. Things go wrong that are totally out of your control, and sometimes that means you're going to die. If that was literally the only thing I had to say, this game would be pretty lame. In fact, there's a lot going on in Out There. This is a sci-fi choose-your-own-adventure game that doesn't fall back on laser blasters and explosions to create tension – it's all about survival. And really, isn't that the ultimate challenge?

Story And Gameplay

It's the mid 22nd century as Out There opens with a quick backstory.

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[New Game] Out There, A Sci-Fi Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game Has Drifted Into The Play Store

Are you ready for a sci-fi adventure with aliens, spaceships, and lots of lasers blowing stuff up? Well, you get two of those in the hotly anticipated choose-your-own-adventure game Out There. It's available now on Android, and it ought to be compatible with almost all devices.

In Out There, you play the part of an astronaut waking up from cryogenic hyper-naptosis (or something) far away from Earth. You must survive and make your way through space to unravel a mystery and save mankind. Riveting, yes? Exciting though it may be, this game contains no combat, which is very intriguing. Explosions and laser blasters are an easy way to make sci-fi engaging, but getting people hooked on a story is much harder.

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