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[Update: OTA rolling out] Android P DP5 lands as final pre-release build, factory images and OTAs available

The pace of Android P Developer Previews marches on, and DP5 was just pushed out into the world. This marks what should be the final release candidate developer preview for Android P before its release later in Q3 of this year. Developers and enthusiasts alike should make sure they're prepared for the changes in store.

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Android P Developer Preview 4 (Beta 3) out for Nokia 7 Plus

This year Google announced that third-party hardware would be able to get in on the Developer Preview fun, with almost a dozen handsets getting Android P—assuming their owners were willing to be guinea pigs. Nokia allowed for 7 Plus owners to opt-in and try Android P, and now the consecutive update for the next preview is rolling out in a surprisingly timely manner. DP4/Beta 3 is landing via both image sideloading and OTA.

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July security bulletins, OTAs, and factory images for Pixel and Nexus devices posted

Another month, another set of security updates. At the same time that Google is rolling out DP4 for Android P, the monthly security patches for existing Pixel and Nexus devices are also landing, with both full OTA images and factory images being posted. Interested in what's changed? The security bulletins for both July and Google's hardware are also live.

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Xiaomi Mi Box receiving Android 8.0 Oreo update

Xiaomi started rolling out an update to Android Oreo 8.0 to its Mi Box early last month, but that was a limited test with only a few devices receiving the OTA. Now, it seems that the update is being released to all; users around the world have reported seeing the notification and successfully getting their boxes up to 8.0.

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OnePlus pulls OxygenOS 5.1.6 update for OnePlus 6, begins rolling out 5.1.7 with bootloader fix

OnePlus began rolling out a new 5.1.6 update last week that added several promised features including scheduled do-not-disturb mode and battery percent in the status bar. However, the OTA halted because of some bugs, and now there's a new build. This one adds additional bug fixes and patches that nasty bootloader vulnerability discovered a few days ago.

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[Update: OTA rolling out] Android P Developer Preview 3 factory images and OTA downloads are up

Back in March, Google put forward a schedule for Android P developer previews which implied we'd be seeing DP3/P Beta 2 landing in early June. That target seems to have been accurate, as factory and OTA images for DP3 have just been posted, though the OTA doesn't seem to be rolling out in the more traditional sense just yet.

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Nexus and Pixel factory images, OTAs, and security bulletin for June are up

Each month Google releases security updates and fixes for both Android in general, and its most recent first-party hardware. This month is no exception. OTAs and factory images for Nexus and Pixel devices are now live, as is this month's security bulletin, functional patches for which seem to include a fix for the Pixel 2 XL's proximity sensor issues

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[Update: Verizon variant too] Samsung finally pushes Oreo to the Galaxy Tab S3 in the US

Samsung launched the obscenely expensive Galaxy Tab S3 last spring with Android 7.0 Nougat, and it's been on Nougat until just recently. The Oreo OTA started hitting devices in the UK several weeks back, and now it's time for the US market. If you hit the update menu right now, you'll find an OTA waiting.

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The OnePlus 6 is the first phone from the company to support seamless Android updates

The OnePlus 6 marks a lot of firsts for OP. It's the first OP phone with a notch, the first OP flagship made from glass, and also the first one that supports Android's seamless system updates. That means quicker OTA installation on your phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 gets Android 8.0 Oreo OTA in the UK

Galaxy Tab S3 owners, prepare your fingers to start mashing that check for updates button. Users in the UK are reporting that their tablets are getting the OTA to Android 8.0 Oreo. Along with it come all the goodies you expect from Oreo such as system-level PIP support, Autofill API, notification snooze and channels, and more. 

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