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Samsung teases Galaxy Z Flip for first time in Oscars commercial (Update: Luxury edition fever-dream ad leaks)

Samsung's next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, has already been leaked quite a bit. The company has yet to say anything about the Z Flip publicly... until now, anyway. A commercial for the device aired during the Oscars Academy Awards show tonight, giving us a first look at the phone outside of leaked images and videos.

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Google Assistant Oscars commercial encourages us to be lazy like the stars

It's clear Google is trying to push the Assistant more than ever in 2018, particularly in the face of stiff competition from Amazon's Alexa. Google's presence at CES was entirely Assistant-themed and with many Chromebooks and other smart home devices getting support for the Assistant this year, it's going to be on hand pretty much everywhere.

Google's latest TV commercial, aired during the 2018 Oscars, is an ode to laziness. With the help of celebrities like John Legend, Kevin Durant, and Sia, the ad reminds us of things the Assistant can take care of to make our lives easier. The slogan for each example is "Make Google do it." Take a look for yourself below.

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Samsung's powerful Oscars ad features Casey Neistat and a bunch of other YouTubers

Samsung is nowhere near inexperienced in the marketing/advertising area, and neither is filmmaker and ex-vlogger Casey Neistat. For around a year now, the two have been working together to make the South Korean brand seem more appealing to younger folks, and this Oscars ad is a culmination of all that.

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Google makes a witty and endearing Google Photos ad for the Oscars

The world is all eyes and ears today for one of the most important events that take place each year. Oh, you think I'm talking about MWC in Barcelona? Ha, neeeeerd! No, I'm talking about the 89th Academy Awards ceremony which celebrates the best in film for the past year. But for Google, the real award belongs to you and your shots and creations.

El Goog has started its Oscars campaign with a couple of tweets (1 and 2) saying that regardless of who's the big winner in the ceremony, the award for Best Picture belongs to you. That was followed up with a 1-minute video ad for Google Photos already posted on YouTube and likely to be aired during the ceremony tonight, but maybe only in its shorter version.

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ABC Releases Official Oscars App With Info On All Nominees, Your Picks, And A Backstage Pass To The Big Night

It's nearly that time: the biggest awards show in movies—and in media in general—is set to begin in a little more than a month from now. The Academy Awards will take place on February 24th, but you can download the official Oscars app right now. The surprisingly-well-made-for-a-TV-network piece of software comes loaded with features, including news, photos, videos, and a comprehensive list of nominees for all categories. You can even view the trailers for each movie directly within the app.

oscars1 oscars2 oscars3

"Of course, the main sections you'll be interested in are the Backstage Pass, which goes live on Oscar Sunday and will have coverage from behind the scenes, as well as a My Picks section where you can make your selections for who you think will win.

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