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Chrome 59 on the desktop has a new Material settings page

Google has been a bit slow to adopt Material Design in Chrome. The browser got a Material makeover in Chrome 52 for Mac and 53 for Windows, but the Settings page has remained relatively unchanged since Chrome's introduction. Chrome 59, which was released today on the desktop, includes a new Material settings area.

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YouTube App Adds 'Watch Later' Action To 'New Upload' Notifications

Google added the handy "bell" icon to the YouTube app's channel screens last summer to make signing up for "new upload" notifications quick and painless. But until now, users could only watch the video immediately, or take a shortcut to settings to disable the notification.

Recently though, it seems the YouTube app's upload notifications are gaining a new action - watch later. If you don't want to see the latest video from your favorite channel right this second, you can tap this new action to add it to your Watch Later list on YouTube. Here's a before-and-after shot of the notification:

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[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Long-Press Notifications For A Quick Link To Adjust That App's Notification Settings

There's nothing more annoying than an otherwise benign app that pesters you with notifications. Android has thankfully given end users the ability to completely disable notifications from pestering apps, but for developers who include more fine-grain controls in the app itself, Android 5.0 has some new options. French Android developer Cyril Mottier highlighted a new option in a detailed Google+ post: the ability to embed a link directly to an app's notifications settings within the notification itself.


For the sake of specificity, this new API hook allows developers to add a quick link to the notifications settings page of the app itself, not the relevant page in the Android settings menu.

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[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] The Quick Settings Menu Includes Battery Percentage And A Flashlight Toggle

A couple of the more popular aftermarket additions to Android have been added in Lollipop's pull-down Quick Settings menu. If you regularly flash a custom ROM or add in a widget from the Play Store for easy access to a battery percentage readout or a flashlight (camera LED) toggle, well, you won't need to in Android 5.0. Both of those functions are available in Quick Settings, as seen on the latest Lollipop Developer Preview on the Nexus 5.

notif (1)

If you haven't played with Android 5.0 yet, one of the more visible interface changes is the new combined notification drawer/Quick Settings menu.

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LastPass 3.3 Update Brings Shared Folder Management, New Options, And Bug Fixes

Version 3.3 of LastPass has hit Android devices, and it's delivering a couple of nice things to users. Shared folder management snags the top spot on the ol' change log. Now I hear you, "LastPass isn't a cloud storage provider, so why do I need to share folders?" These aren't for storing files in the traditional sense. Instead, they provide a place for people to securely exchange sites and notes with others. This update works with Shared Family Folders and LastPass Enterprise.

This update also introduces a new setting that re-prompts immediately after the screen is locked.


There's also the option to use a Synaptics fingerprint scanner on phones that have them.

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New Google+ Content Restriction Options Let Page Managers Limit Who Can See Posts By Age And Location

If something goes up on the Internet, eventually someone is going to find it. But that doesn't mean you have to make it easy for them. There are certain things a Google+ page may want to say or share that isn't intended for all audiences. So Google has rolled out a few features that let people restrict who can see content based on age and country.

For clarification, these limitations apply to Google+ pages, such as the Android Police page, instead of individual profiles. The idea here is to help businesses and organizations better manager their PR. These options are present both for Google+ pages and individual profiles.

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Rumor: Android's L Release To Make Corporate Adoption Push With Partial Wipe Capability, Other Security Features

There's nothing like a good rumor about the next version of Android. As we approach I/O 2014, we're sure to hear more and more rumors, some true, many false. The Information - generally reliable in the arena of leaks and rumors - has published one of the first "L Release" rumors, today indicating that Android's next major version bump (which the publication speculates could arrive as soon as I/O) will help Google make headway into the corporate adoption arena, convincing companies to adopt Android phones rather than the iPhone (which has already made significant gains in enterprise) as employee handset of choice.

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YouTube Updated To Version 5.1.10 With New Video Notifications, Better Contextual Menus, More [APK Download]

We've got one last Google update to discuss this evening – YouTube. Bumping up to version 5.1.1, YouTube didn't get an official change log, but there are a few things worth discussing briefly (before Artem does his teardown magic, anyway).

First up, YouTube has a new permission for receiving data from the internet, which it uses to give you new video notifications.

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Carphone Warehouse Can't Stay Out Of The News, Leaks Alleged £389 SIM-Free Price For Nexus 4, White And Black Options

At this point, this one online retailer has leaked more information than we have space on the internet to put it. This time, the inventory system that previously leaked the name of the Nexus 4 is showing with color options and a price tag in tow. Apparently this device will cost £389 without a SIM. For our American readers, the exchange rate would bring that out to about $628, though we imagine they'll massage the number a bit by the time it hits the states.


We also see that there will apparently be a white version to go along with the black.

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Zecco Releases Android App, Lets You Trade Stock, Options, And Mutual Funds Directly From Your Mobile

If you just can't stay away from the intense action of the stock market for more than a few minutes, then the new app from Zecco is a must-have for you. The app allows you to trade stocks, options, and mutual funds; use charting to find investment opportunities, receive stock alert notifications, monitor what's going on with live streaming quotes, catch the latest market news, and get insight and trading ideas from the Zecco Community.

1 2 3

If you plan on using this app, though, it's worth noting that Zecco threw a disclaimer in the Play Store listing:

System availability and response times are subject to market conditions and mobile connection limitations.

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